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Book Review Guidelines

All reviews should provide detailed bibliographic information in the following format:

Author's Last Name, First Name. Title: Subtitle. Place of Publication: Publisher, Date. Number of pages. ISBN#, if applicable. Price, if applicable.


Chandler, David G. The Campaigns of Napoleon. N.Y.: Scribner, 1995. 1172 p. ISBN# 0025236601. $85.00.

Reviews should be signed.

Reviews should give an overview of the contents, describing the format of the book (hardback, paperback, "coffee table" book, etc.); illustrations and/or maps; any special appendices, tables, or other features; and any other relevant information.

Reviews should be informative, presenting clearly the work's scope, argument, methodology, and strengths as well as weaknesses, taking into consideration the reader for which the work is intended.

Reviews should respect the effort that went into producing the book under review. Reviews should strive to be objective and fair. Personal attacks on an author are not permitted. Whether a review is positive or negative, reviewers should express their criticisms without becoming personal — you are reviewing the book not the author. Reviewers must strive to be fair-minded; treat an author with the respect you'd wish to be treated with.

The Napoleon Series encourages authors to reply to reviews. These replies should follow the applicable rules for reviews. Responses should be factual and objective, not personal. It should be remembered that a review is a statement of the reviewer's opinion and that opinions will differ. Except in unusual circumstances, the Napoleon Series will not, however, accept a reviewer's response to an author's response. The proper venues for a dialogue about a book or other work are the Discussion Forums.

The Napoleon Series will also accept reviews of the same work from different reviewers. The Napoleon Series welcomes a variety of opinions.

The Napoleonic Series disclaims responsibility for statements, either of fact or opinion, made by reviewers. The ultimate decision as to whether a review will be included remains with the editors of the Napoleon Series.

Instructions on how to send in your work

The Napoleon Series welcomes submissions. Send your text files attached to an e-mail as a Microsoft Word file. Put "Review" in the header and write a short summary of it in the e-mail. Make sure that you edit your work thoroughly. Our editors make every effort to correct any mistakes discovered, but correct grammar and spelling is your responsibility. Send any photos, maps or diagrams as a GIF or JPG files (but no larger than 100k each please).

Please follow these instructions closely. If you do not have Microsoft Word, please coordinate with the editor, prior to sending it. Once we receive your submission, we will format your work in Series style and put it online as soon as possible. You of course will receive full credit for it.

Thank you for submitting and sharing your work with fellow enthusiasts. Your efforts and those of many others help make the Napoleon Series the valuable resource it has become.

Tom Holmberg
Reviews Editor

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