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Coppens, Bernard
La Patience
Reviewed by Yves Martin

The bulletin "La Patience" no. 10 is a true "one-man effort" devoted to many different topics related to the Revolutionary and Imperial period. It is now composed of the following parts...

First Empire: The International Magazine for the Napoleonic Enthusiast, Historian and Gamer
Reviewed by Max Sewell

First Empire, edited by Dave Watkins, has been in publication for a number of years and has recently celebrated its 50th issue...

La Revue Napoléon.
Issue number 1, First quarter 2000: covering January, February, and March 1800. Quarterly. (In French)
Reviewed by Marc Vanoverschelde

Another new French-language Napoleonic journal celebrating the bicentennial of Napoleon's reign. This one is unique in that it is tracing the Napoleonic Era month-by-month...

Napoléon 1°: Le Magasine du Consulat et de l'Empire.
Issue number 1 (March/April 2000)
Reviewed by Dominique Contant

A glossy new Francophone magazine on Napoleon and his times featuring some of France's top Napoleonic historians...

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