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Cavalry Officers of the Netherlands: (Serving from 1813 to 1815)

By Geert van Uythoven

Nearly 600 officers served with the cavalry of the newly raised army of the Netherlands from 1813 to 1815. That does however not mean that its officers were inexperienced! Many were veterans of the wars and campaigns as far back as 1793-’95, sometimes even further!

Listed are the names of all cavalry officers, plus biographic information, including: dates of birth and death; the year they entered service; their respective ranks serving in the following nations unless stated otherwise:

- Republic of the United Provinces - 1795
- Batavian Republic 1795 - 1806
- Kingdom of Holland 1806 - 1810
- French Empire 1810 - 1813
- Kingdom of the Netherlands 1813 - 1815

and dates for each rank earned; and medals / awards received.

In most cases I did not use abbreviations. However the few I did use are:

Eerv. verm. = Eervolle Vermelding (honourable mention / commendation)
Jhr = Jonkheer who was someone of noble birth
MWO = Militaire Willemsorde (“Military Order of William”)
Orde Ned. Leeuw = Orde van de Nederlandsche Leeuw (“Order of the Dutch Lion”)

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