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Foot Artillery Officers of the Netherlands Serving from 1813 to 1815: Holsman, Godfried Jacob

By Geert van Uythoven

On 5 January 1807, Godfried Jacob Holsman was assigned to Horse Artillery Company No.3 as a 1st lieutenant. No further information about this period was available to me. In 1814 he received command of the 2nd Line Artillery Battalion, holding the rank of lieutenant-colonel. Later he was ordered to Louvain to supervise the making mobile of both batteries forming the artillery reserve. During the Waterloo campaign he commanded the reserve batteries. On 27 October 1815 he was appointed ‘Director of the artillery park’, having the supervision over the material and equipment of fourteen field batteries, of which six would have to be mobile at all times. On 4 January 1820, Holsman was promoted major-general (of the infantry?).


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