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Lionel S. Challis's "Peninsula Roll Call": Taaffe, Robert to Tyrrell, George

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Last Name First Name Middle Name (s)
Regiment or Position
Taaffe Robert   40th Foot  
Tabenger John   2nd KGL Dragoons Staff Surgeon
Taggart Charles   43rd Foot  
Tait William   Royal Staff Corps  
Talbot Charles   3rd Foot Guards  
Talbot Charles   5th Foot Brigade Major
Talbot John   Coldstream Guards  
Talbot Lynch   Royal Artillery  
Talbot Neil   14th Light Dragoons  
Talbot William   27th Foot  
Tamm Arnold Diederich 4th KGL Line  
Tapp Hammond Astley Royal Engineers  
Tappe Carl   1st KGL Dragoons  
Tarleton George M. 6th Foot  
Tarleton Henry   4th Garrison Battalion 7th Foot
Tasker James   57th Foot  
Tate Lambert   5th Foot  
Tathewell Tathwell Baker Royal Horse Guards  
Tatlock Thomas T. Royal Waggon Train 3rd Dragoons
Tatlow (Tattow) Anthony   Volunteer 58th Foot
Tatter John   1st KGL Line Foreign Veteran Battalion
Tattow Richard   62nd Foot  
Tayloe John   77th Foot  
Taylor Ansalm Evans 9th Foot 12th Light Dragoons
Taylor Archibald   37th Foot  
Taylor Arthur Saunders 81st Foot 94th Foot
Taylor Charles Douglas 20th Light Dragoons  
Taylor Edward   32nd Foot  
Taylor Edward James 51st Foot  
Taylor Francis William 14th Light Dragoons  
Taylor James   48th Foot Brigade Major
Taylor James   Apothecary  
Taylor James   38th Foot  
Taylor Jeremiah   9th Foot  
Taylor John   Staff Surgeon  
Taylor John   Royal Horse Guards  
Taylor John   Royal Artillery  
Taylor John   88th Foot  
Taylor John   83rd Foot  
Taylor John   91st Foot  
Taylor John Butt 26th Foot  
Taylor John  D. 51st Foot  
Taylor Joseph   66th Foot Staff Surgeon
Taylor Josias   3rd Foot  
Taylor Philip C. 81st Foot  
Taylor Sackville Brownlow 6th Foot 2nd Battalion of Detachments
Taylor Samuel   13th Light Dragoons  
Taylor Thomas   27th Foot  
Taylor Thomas   26th Foot  
Taylor Thomas   88th Foot  
Taylor Thomas John 36th Foot  
Taylor William   27th Foot  
Taylor William   10th Light Dragoons  
Taylor William   Deputy Inspector of Hospitals  
Taylor William   38th Foot  
Taylor William   82nd Foot  
Taylor William Vere 28th Foot  
Teale George   11th Foot  
Tedlie Beresford   85th Foot  
Teevan Thomas   Hospital Assistant  
Tegurt Edward   Staff Surgeon Deputy Inspector of Hospitals
Teighe Thomas   1st KGL Line  
Telfer Buchan Fraser Assistant Commissary General
Telford Robert   20th Foot  
Telford William   9th Foot  
Temple William Henry 52nd Foot 6th Caçadores
Templeton Edward   47th Foot  
Templeton John   76th Foot  
Tench Charles James 10th Foot  
Tench Henry T. 61st Foot  
Terrell Thomas C. Royal Artillery  
Terry John   East York Militia 74th Foot
Tetlow (Titlow) William   3rd Foot  
Teulow Charles   28th Foot  
Tew William   74th Foot  
Thackeray Frederick Fennell Royal Engineers  
Thackwell Joseph   15th Light Dragoons  
Thackwray Mathew   84th Foot  
Thalmunn Carl August 7th KGL Line Foreign Veteran Battalion
Thane (Thaine) Elias Brooke 10th Foot  
Thatcher Zaccheus Sackville 48th Foot  
Theile Friederich Carl Brunswick Light Infantry  
Thelluson George   11th Light Dragoons  
Theobald William   27th Foot 7th Royal Veteran Battalion
Thiballier Louis   Chasseurs Britannique  
Thiele Ludewig   2nd KGL Dragoons  
Thistlethwayte Alexander   97th Foot  
Thomas Charles   1st Foot Guards Brigade Major
Thomas Edward Price 3rd Foot  
Thomas Henry   27th Foot  
Thomas James   50th Foot  
Thomas Morgan   Royal Artillery  
Thomas Thomas   13th Royal Veteran Battalion  
Thomas William   Staff Surgeon  
Thomas William   77th Foot  
Thomas William   67th Foot  
Thompson A.   10th Foot  
Thompson Alexander   Deputy Inspector of Hospitals  
Thompson Alexander   53rd Foot  
Thompson Alexis   27th Foot  
Thompson Alfred   Royal Artillery  
Thompson Andrew   34th Foot  
Thompson Arnold   81st Foot  
Thompson Benjamin   48th Foot  
Thompson Charles   2nd KGL Line  
Thompson Charles   27th Foot  
Thompson Charles William Sicilian Regiment 1st Foot Guards
Thompson David   82nd Foot  
Thompson Edward   31st Foot  
Thompson Francis   66th Foot  
Thompson George   16th Light Dragoons  
Thompson J. H. 1st Foot  
Thompson James   6th Foot  
Thompson James   67th Foot  
Thompson James   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Thompson James   36th Foot  
Thompson James   31st Foot  
Thompson James Doyne 87th Foot  
Thompson John   Royal Artillery  
Thompson John   Assistant Commissary General
Thompson Joseph   20th Foot  
Thompson Joseph   48th Foot  
Thompson Joseph   88th Foot  
Thompson Ralph Keddy 47th Foot  
Thompson Robert   32nd Foot  
Thompson Robert   83rd Foot  
Thompson Robert   14th Light Dragoons  
Thompson Robert Anstrouther 42nd Foot  
Thompson Thomas James 34th Foot  
Thompson Thomas Perronet N. 14th Light Dragoons  
Thompson William   38th Foot  
Thompson William   43rd Foot  
Thompson William   59th Foot 84th Foot
Thompson (Thomson) John   78th Foot  
Thomson Alexander   74th Foot Assistant Engineer
Thomson Alexander   Royal Engineers  
Thomson Edward Thomas Volunteer 81st Foot
Thomson George   Royal Artillery  
Thomson James   68th Foot  
Thomson James Crooke 7th Light Dragoons  
Thomson Peter   Royal Artillery  
Thomson Thomas   26th Foot  
Thomson Thomas   Staff Surgeon Deputy Inspector of Hospitals
Thomson Thomas   81st Foot  
Thoreau John   40th Foot  
Thorman Charles   De Watteville’s Regiment  
Thorn Nathaniel   3rd Foot  
Thorne George   45th Foot  
Thorne Peregrine Francis 25th Light Dragoons 60th Foot
Thornhill Badham   9th Foot  
Thornhill Robert   Royal Artillery  
Thornhill William   7th Light Dragoons  
Thornton Henry   40th Foot  
Thornton John   94th Foot  
Thornton William   Greek Light Infantry 85th Foot
Thornton William Henry 32nd Foot 12th Portuguese Line
Thororton Robert   1st Foot Guards  
Thorp Edward   77th Foot  
Thorpe Samuel   23rd Foot Royal York Rangers
Thoyts John   Royal Horse Guards  
Thresher Edmund   45th Foot 2nd Royal Veteran Battalion
Thursby John Harvey 14th Light Dragoons  
Thursby William   53rd Foot  
Thurston Charles Thomas 51st Foot  
Thwaites George Saunders 48th Foot  
Thwaites William   51st Foot  
Thwing George A. Royal Artillery Drivers  
Tibbs Samuel J. Assistant Commissary Field Trains
Tice Charles   Physician Deputy Inspector of Hospitals
Tice John   7th Foot  
Tiddeman Thomas E. 38th Foot  
Tidmarsh Richard   67th Foot  
Tidy Francis Skelly 14th Foot Assistant Adjutant General
Tiede William   3rd Dragoon Guards  
Tiensch Gottfried   2nd KGL Line  
Tierney Thomas   43rd Foot  
Tilee Georg   2nd KGL Line  
Tilsley Nibanus   6th Foot  
Tilson (Chowne) Christopher   General  
Tilt Andrew   37th Foot  
Tilt Samuel   87th Foot 37th Foot
Timbrell Thomas Richardson Volunteer 94th Foot
Timmann Wilhelm D. 2nd KGL Light  
Tincombe Francis   Volunteer 30th Foot
Tinley Jervoise   9th Foot 7th Royal Veteran Battalion
Tinling George Vaughan Royal Engineers  
Tinling Isaac Pattison 1st Foot Guards  
Tipping John Whitacre Staff Corps Cavalry  
Tipson Nathan   58th Foot  
Tisdall James T. 10th Foot  
Tittle John Moore 38th Foot  
Tobin John   50th Foot  
Tod Alexander   38th Foot  
Tod George   29th Foot  
Tod William   92nd Foot  
Todd Alexander   Royal Staff Corps  
Todd Andrew   38th Foot  
Todd Francis   1st Foot Guards  
Todd Robert   38th Foot  
Todd William D’Arcy 1st KGL Hussars  
Tollemache Thomas   82nd Foot  
Tomkins Frederick   58th Foot  
Tomkins William   44th Foot  
Tomkinson William   16th Light Dragoons  
Tomkyns John   1st Horse Guards 1st Royal Dragoons
Tomlinson John Aster 9th Foot  
Tomlinson Mc’Conochie   11th Light Dragoons  
Tomlinson Richard   28th Foot  
Tonge Edward   13th Royal Veteran Battalion  
Tongue William   4th Dragoons  
Tonnere Andrew   83rd Foot  
Tonson Jacob   84th Foot  
Tonyn Charles W. 48th Foot  
Toole Archer   61st Foot  
Toole William   40th Foot  
Toole William H. 32nd Foot  
Topham Robert   Hospital Assistant  
Topp Richard   94th Foot  
Topp Robert   24th Foot  
Torner? John   39th Foot  
Torrance (Terrence) Nicholas   26th Foot  
Torrens Andrew K. 76th Foot  
Torrens Henry   89th Foot 3rd Foot Guards
Torrens Robert   19th Light Dragoons 1st West India Regiment
Torrens Robert   57th Foot Assistant Quartermaster General
Torrens S. B. 1st Foot  
Torriano William   71st Foot  
Tovey George   20th Foot 1st Battalion of Detachments
Towell George   3rd Dragoon Guards  
Towers William   3rd Foot Guards  
Towns Edward   4th Foot 1st Portuguese Line
Townsend John   Royal Artillery  
Townsend John   14th Light Dragoons  
Townshend Charles Vere Ferrers? 3rd Foot Guards  
Townshend Horatio George Powys 1st Foot Guards  
Tracie James   Royal Waggon Train  
Trafford Edmund (Edward)   1st Royal Dragoons  
Trafford Henry   4th Dragoon Guards  
Trafford Sigismund   1st Royal Dragoons  
Trafford Thomas Samuel 31st Foot  
Trant Nicholas   Royal Staff Corps Governor of Oporto
Trapps (Trappes) Charles   5th Foot 72nd Foot
Traver Peter   Apothecary  
Travers Boyle   95th Foot  
Travers James   Volunteer 4th Foot
Travers James   Volunteer 71st Foot
Travers James   95th Foot  
Travers John   9th Foot 19th Portuguese Line
Travers Nicholas Colthurst 95th Foot  
Travers Robert   95th Foot 6th Garrison Battalion
Travers Robert   95th Foot 10th Foot
Travers William   48th Foot 2nd Royal Veteran Battalion
Treeve Richard   23rd Foot  
Trefurt Georg Siegfried Christian 2nd KGL Hussars  
Trelawny Hamdin?   Royal Artillery  
Trelawny Harry Brereton 1st Foot Guards  
Trench Frederick William 1st Foot Guards Assistant Quartermaster General
Trench Robert Le Poer 74th Foot  
Trench Samuel   Royal Engineers  
Trescon J. B. Mansnet De Watteville’s Regiment  
Tresilian John Barnard 83rd Foot  
Tressider Samuel   29th Foot 60th Foot
Trevillian Maurice Ceely 1st Royal Dragoons  
Trevor James   12th Light Dragoons  
Trevor John  Evans 45th Foot  
Trevor (Brand)  Henry Otway Coldstream Guards  
Treweike George   7th Light Dragoons  
Tribe Richard   82nd Foot  
Trimble Matthew   11th Foot  
Trimble William   11th Foot  
Trimmer William   91st Foot  
Tripp Ernest Otto Royal African Corps 5th Garrison Battalion
Tripp Francis Upton 10th Foot  
Trittan Friederich Wilhelm 1st KGL Hussars  
Troile Charles Peter 95th Foot  
Trott Charles Crato Roll’s Regiment  
Trotter Alexander   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Trotter J.   Deputy Commissary General  
Trotter John   Royal Artillery  
Trotter Robert   23rd Foot  
Trotter Thomas   Royal Artillery  
Trotter Thomas   3rd Dragoons 2nd Dragoons
Troward Thomas   51st Foot  
Troy Thomas   Royal Horse Guards  
Trueman William   32nd Foot  
Trumble William   37th Foot  
Truscott Robert   Royal Artillery  
Tryon Charles   88th Foot Brigade Major
Tucker Charles   10th Foot  
Tucker George James Bruere 50th Foot  
Tucker John   Assistant Paymaster General  
Tucker John   29th Foot  
Tucker John Goulston Price 72nd Foot  
Tucker John H. Assistant Paymaster General  
Tucker John Montmorency 27th Foot  
Tucker N. Butterfield 32nd Foot ADC
Tucker Thomas   3rd Foot  
Tucker Thomas Edwardes 23rd Foot ADC
Tudor Charles   Royal Waggon Train  
Tudor Henry Bridges Royal Waggon Train  
Tudor J. P. 39th Foot  
Tudor William   24th Foot  
Tudor William   82nd Foot  
Tueto Bernhard   1st KGL Hussars  
Tuffnell George   3rd Foot Guards  
Tugginer Edmund   Roll’s Regiment  
Tugginer Edward   Roll’s Regiment  
Tulloh Alexander   Royal Artillery 3rd Portuguese Artillery
Tulloh (Tulloch) William   36th Foot  
Tully Patrick W. 82nd Foot  
Tunny Robert William Chaplain  
Tunstall William   36th Foot  
Turing William   18th Light Dragoons  
Turnbull Middleton   11th Foot  
Turner Charles   Royal Waggon Train  
Turner Charles   Royal West India Rangers 17th Portuguese Line
Turner Charles Berker 11th Foot  
Turner Edward Page 10th Light Dragoons 101st Foot
Turner Francis Page 10th Light Dragoons  
Turner George   Royal Artillery  
Turner Joseph   87th Foot 16th Portuguese Line
Turner Nicolas   Commissary  
Turner Richard   Royal Sappers and Miners  
Turner Samuel Charles 13th Light Dragoons  
Turner Thomas   23rd Foot  
Turner W. P. 95th Foot  
Turner William   50th Foot  
Turner William   13th Light Dragoons  
Turner William   4th Foot  
Turnpenny J. F. 48th Foot  
Turquand Thomas Henry 32nd Foot  
Turton Richard   40th Foot  
Turton William   40th Foot  
Tuton Charles   11th Foot  
Tuyll William   1st West India Regiment Royal Corsican Rangers
Tweedale (Marquis of) George   1st Foot Guards ADC
Tweedie James   94th Foot  
Tweedie Michael   Royal Artillery  
Twent P. Arnaud 2nd KGL Light  
Twigg John   3rd Foot  
Twigg Thomas G. 38th Foot  
Twinberrow Ralph John 44th Foot  
Tylden John Maxwell 43rd Foot  
Tyler Charles   Royal Artillery  
Tyler John   45th Foot 93rd Foot
Tyndale Charles William 51st Foot  
Tyner James   Volunteer 6th Foot
Tyrconnel George   1st Foot Guards  
Tyrrell George   61st Foot  

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