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Lionel S. Challis's "Peninsula Roll Call": Pack, Anthony to Pyper, Robert

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Last Name First Name Middle Name (s)
Regiment or Position
Pack Anthony   71st Foot  
Pack Denis   General  
Packe Henry   1st Foot Guards  
Packe Robert Christopher Royal Horse Guards  
Paddock John   4th Dragoon Guards Staff Surgeon
Page William   48th Foot  
Page William Edward 7th Foot  
Pages P.   Dillon’s Regiment  
Paget Charles   52nd Foot Royal York Rangers
Paget Edward   General  
Paget Henry   General  
Pakenham Edward Michael General  
Pakenham Hercules Robert 95th Foot 7th West India Regiment
Palliser Henry   Royal Artillery  
Palmer Charles   10th Light Dragoons  
Palmer Edward Despard 67th Foot  
Palmer Harry   23rd Foot  
Palmer James   2nd KGL Light  
Palmer Joseph   81st Foot 27th Foot
Pape Gottfried   7th KGL Line  
Pape Robert   81st Foot  
Pape William   4th KGL Line  
Papps Peter   59th Foot  
Pardey John Quin 66th Foot Royal Staff Corps
Pardey Thomas   66th Foot  
Pardoe Thomas   Royal Waggon Train  
Pardy George   48th Foot  
Park John  Spens 20th Light Dragoons  
Park Robert   58th Foot  
Park Thomas   71st Foot  
Parke Andrew   7th Foot  
Parke Charles   3rd Foot  
Parke Robert   28th Foot  
Parke Robert   59th Foot  
Parke Roger   39th Foot  
Parke William   2nd Foot 53rd Foot
Parker Arthur   36th Foot 2nd Battalion of Detachments
Parker Edward   Royal Engineers  
Parker Harry   Coldstream Guards  
Parker Henry   53rd Foot  
Parker Henry Thomas 9th Light Dragoons  
Parker Horace   Chaplain  
Parker John   61st Foot  
Parker John   7th Light Dragoons  
Parker John Boteler Royal Artillery  
Parker Michael Edward 60th Foot  
Parker Thomas   Royal Horse Guards  
Parker Wentworth   Chaplain  
Parker William   29th Foot  
Parker William   29th Foot  
Parkinson John   Volunteer 6th Foot
Parkinson Robert   Royal Waggon Train  
Parnall John   83rd Foot  
Parr Thomas   45th Foot  
Parr W. B. 1st Foot  
Parralt Hillebrandt Meridith Royal Artillery  
Parry James   28th Foot  
Parry (Parry Jones?) William   48th Foot  
Parsonage John   24th Foot  
Parsons Charles   27th Foot  
Parsons Edward   48th Foot  
Parsons Henry   47th Foot  
Parsons Lucius   48th Foot  
Parvin John H. 68th Foot  
Paschal Georg Friederich 2nd KGL Line  
Pascant Peter Duplessis Dillon’s Regiment  
Pascoe John   Royal Artillery  
Pasley Charles William Royal Engineers  
Pass William   Royal African Corps 12th Caçadores
Passley John Panton 60th Foot  
Paterson Charles   28th Foot  
Paterson James   45th Foot  
Paterson John   77th Foot  
Paterson John   3rd Dragoon Guards  
Paterson Leeson   57th Foot  
Paterson Peter   87th Foot  
Patison Andrew   29th Foot  
Patrick Robert William 57th Foot 12th Portuguese Line
Patrickson Christopher C. 43rd Foot  
Patrickson Hugh   4th Dragoons  
Patrickson Samuel   95th Foot 67th Foot
Patten Andrew   45th Foot  
Patten William Brown Royal Artillery  
Patterson Alexander   2nd KGL Line  
Patterson Cooke Tylden 43rd Foot  
Patterson George   3rd Foot Guards  
Patterson James   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Patterson John   50th Foot  
Patterson William   50th Foot  
Pattison Alexander Hope 74th Foot  
Pattison Joseph   5th Dragoon Guards  
Pattison Robert D. 6th Foot  
Patton Peter   Royal Engineers  
Patton Thomas   1st Foot Bourbon Regiment
Patton William   12th Light Dragoons  
Patullo James   92nd Foot  
Patullo William   6th Foot  
Paty George William 32nd Foot 9th Portuguese Line
Patzinsky Ernst   Brunswick Light Infantry  
Paxton Archibald Frederick 11th Light Dragoons  
Paylor James   52nd Foot 3rd Provisional Militia Battalion
Payne Charles   9th Light Dragoons  
Payne John   45th Foot  
Payne John   1st Foot Guards  
Payne William   Royal Artillery Drivers  
Payne William   7th Foot  
Payne William   General  
Peach George   52nd Foot 1st Battalion of Detachments
Peach John   84th Foot  
Peachey James   1st Foot Guards  
Peacock Henry   34th Foot  
Peacock Samuel   61st Foot  
Peacock Wilkinson   9th Light Dragoons  
Peacocke John   48th Foot  
Peacocke Nathaniel Levitt 71st Foot  
Peacocke Stephen   3rd Foot Guards  
Peacocke Thomas   44th Foot Sicilian Regiment
Peacocke Thomas Goodrick 55th Foot 9th Portuguese Line
Peacocke Warren Marmaduke General  
Peacocke William   71st Foot  
Peacocke William   36th Foot  
Pearce Charles   Royal Artillery Drivers  
Pearce William   44th Foot 60th Foot
Pearse (Persse) William   45th Foot  
Pearson George   Assistant Paymaster General
Pearson George   81st Foot  
Pearson Temple   59th Foot  
Pearson Thomas   23rd Foot  
Pearson William   18th Light Dragoons  
Pearson William T. 14th Light Dragoons  
Peck Clement   6th Foot  
Peck John James 11th Foot  
Peckett Sampson   34th Foot  
Peddie John   38th Foot  
Peddie John   27th Foot  
Peebles Adam   9th Foot  
Peers John   16th Light Dragoons  
Pegus Peter   88th Foot  
Pelham George   Coldstream Guards  
Pelican Joseph   De Watteville’s Regiment  
Pell Edwin   24th Foot  
Pellew Edward   14th Light Dragoons  
Pelly Raymond   16th Light Dragoons ADC
Pemberton Andrew Wale 95th Foot ADC
Pemberton George Keating Royal Artillery  
Penford Edward   12th Light Dragoons  
Pennefather Kingsmill   68th Foot 68th Foot
Pennefather Richard   77th Foot  
Pennefather William   3rd Foot  
Pennefather William   30th Foot  
Pennell Lovell   Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General
Pennington Henry   24th Foot  
Pennington James Masterson 5th Foot  
Pennington John    5th Foot  
Pennington Rowland D. 5th Foot  
Penny     Assistant Paymaster General
Penrose William   29th Foot  
Penruddocke Edward   1st Foot Guards  
Penvice Edward   7th Foot  
Penvice John   15th Light Dragoons  
Penvice Thomas   16th Light Dragoons 60th Foot
Pepper Charles   27th Foot  
Pepper Theobald   8th Foot 3rd Dragoon Guards
Pepper-Arden Richard   15th Light Dragoons  
Percival George Hervey Coldstream Guards  
Percival James   95th Foot  
Percival James   Assistant Commissary Field Trains
Percival Philip Joshua 1st Foot Guards  
Percival William   Royal Artillery Drivers  
Percival  William   9th Foot  
Percival (Perceval) William   95th Foot  
Percy Francis John 25th Foot  
Percy Henry   7th Foot 14th Light Dragoons
Percy John Samuel 51st Foot  
Percy William   14th Light Dragoons 74th Foot
Percy William Cecil 83rd Foot 95th Foot
Perham Richard   32nd Foot 85th Foot
Perkins John   12th Light Dragoons  
Perkins Theophilus   23rd Foot  
Perponcher H.   Dillon’s Regiment Assistant Quartermaster General
Perrin Isaac Barrington 2nd Foot  
Perrott Thomas  Montgomery 38th Foot 14th Light Dragoons
Perry Henry   28th Foot 5th Caçadores
Perry John   60th Foot  
Perry John Philip 38th Foot  
Perry Richard   44th Foot  
Perry Samuel   Royal Staff Corps  
Perry William   13th Royal Veteran Battalion
Persse Dominick   71st Foot  
Persse William   16th Light Dragoons  
Perston David   60th Foot 79th Foot
Peshall Charles Crawford 81st Foot  
Peshall Charles John 88th Foot  
Pester Henry   Royal Artillery  
Peters Edward James 7th Light Dragoons  
Petkin William Henry Assistant Commissary General
Petrie Alexander   79th Foot  
Peyton William   32nd Foot  
Phelan George   48th Foot 60th Foot
Phelan Richard   44th Foot  
Phelips Edward   11th Light Dragoons  
Phelphs James Henry 51st Foot  
Phibbs Harlow   1st KGL Dragoons  
Phibbs Rutledge   10th Foot  
Phibbs William Harlow 27th Foot  
Phiffen George   3rd Foot 7th Portuguese Line
Philips Frederick Charles 15th Light Dragoons  
Philips George H. 13th Light Dragoons  
Philips James   Coldstream Guards  
Phillimore Robert William 1st Foot Guards  
Phillips Charles Henry 1st Foot Guards  
Phillips Gismond (Grismond?)   23rd Foot  
Phillips Hill   45th Foot 13th Royal Veteran Battalion
Phillips John Lewis 4th Dragoons  
Phillips N.   5th Foot  
Phillips Robert   40th Foot  
Phillips Robert Fryer Royal Artillery  
Phillips Robert Jocelyn 27th Foot  
Phillips Thomas M. 39th Foot  
Phillips Tristram Wilkinson 34th Foot  
Phillips William   58th Foot  
Phipps Paul   1st Royal Dragoons  
Phipps William   92nd Foot  
Pickard Charles   36th Foot  
Pickering John   Commissary Field Trains Ordnance
Pickering  (Pickring?) Joseph   4th Foot  
Picking Edward   36th Foot 34th Foot
Picon P.   Dillon’s Regiment  
Picton Thomas   General  
Pidgeon Joseph Thomas 7th Foot  
Pierard Henry   14th Foot  
Pierce Sampson C. 44th Foot  
Pierrepoint Charles A. 20th Foot Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General
Pigot John   5th Foot 22nd Portuguese Line
Pigott Charles Cotes 77th Foot  
Pigott Henry   82nd Foot 2nd Battalion of Detachments
Pigott William   84th Foot  
Pigou Lawrence   20th Foot  
Pike John   27th Foot 6th Garrison Battalion
Pilcher Daniel   18th Light Dragoons  
Pilcher Francis Serimes 1st Life Guards  
Pilkington Abraham   59th Foot  
Pilkington Gustavus   2nd Foot 2nd Battalion of Detachments
Pilkington Richard   11th Foot  
Pilkington William   7th Foot 5th Garrison Battalion
Pillichody Alexis   De Watteville’s Regiment  
Pilton William   Royal Artillery Drivers  
Pinckney George   36th Foot  
Pink George   Assistant Commissary Field Trains
Piper John   4th Foot  
Piper Robert Sloper Royal Engineers  
Pipon George   26th Foot  
Pipon James   Deputy Commissary General
Pipon Thomas   7th Light Dragoons  
Pitt George Dean Royal West India Rangers  
Pitt William   Coldstream Guards  
Pittman William   59th Foot  
Pitts John   43rd Foot  
Pitts Thomas James Heblethwayte Royal Engineers  
Place Robert   77th Foot  
Place William   77th Foot  
Plenderleath George   26th Foot  
Plenderleath John   Staff Surgeon  
Plowman Thomas   East Suffolk Militia Royal Waggon Train
Ployardt Jean Louis De Watteville’s Regiment  
Plunkett Edmund   6th Foot  
Plunkett John W. 50th Foot  
Plunkett Patrick   50th Foot  
Plunkett Thomas   37th Foot  
Plympton (Plimpton) Stephen   9th Foot  
Pocock Charles Monhague 2nd KGL Dragoons  
Pode John Spurrell 57th Foot  
Poe George   47th Foot  
Poe Purefoy   39th Foot  
Polchau Christian   6th KGL Line  
Pole Edward Secheveral Chandos 1st Foot Guards  
Polhill William   16th Light Dragoons  
Pollack (Pollock) Carlisle   27th Foot  
Pollard John William 39th Foot  
Pollen John   48th Foot  
Pollock Hugh   26th Foot  
Pollock John   1st Foot 43rd Foot
Pollock Robert   51st Foot  
Pollock Samuel   43rd Foot  
Pollock William   62nd Foot  
Ponsonby Frederick Cavendish 23rd Light Dragoons  
Ponsonby James (John)   44th Foot  
Ponsonby William   General  
Poole Clement   52nd Foot 1st Battalion of Detachments
Poole R.   62nd Foot  
Poole Walter Croker 88th Foot  
Pooler John   72nd Foot  
Poore Edward   1st Foot Guards  
Pope Edward   27th Foot  
Pope Patrick   57th Foot  
Popham Samuel Taylor 24th Foot  
Popham Thomas   29th Foot  
Poppleton Thomas   53rd Foot  
Portarlington John   10th Foot 23rd Light Dragoons
Porteous Alexander   61st Foot Deputy Inspector of Hospitals
Porter James   11th Foot 1st Royal Veteran Battalion
Porter William J. 40th Foot 3rd Royal Veteran Battalion
Porteus Edward   Staff Surgeon  
Porteus Walter   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Poser     Chasseurs Britannique  
Poten August   2nd KGL Dragoons  
Poten Carl   8th KGL Line  
Poten Carl   7th KGL Line  
Poten Conrad   1st KGL Hussars  
Poten Ernst   1st KGL Hussars  
Pott Carl   Brunswick Hussars  
Potter Leonard   28th Foot  
Potter Thomas   28th Foot 14th Portuguese Line
Potter William   23rd Foot  
Pottinger William   36th Foot Volunteer
Poulter Edmond Sayer 1st Foot Guards  
Pourtney Henry James 48th Foot  
Povak John   36th Foot  
Powell Francis   45th Foot  
Powell Henry   76th Foot  
Powell Henry Weyland 1st Foot Guards  
Powell James   40th Foot  
Powell John   77th Foot  
Powell John Harcourt 10th Light Dragoons  
Powell Matthew   89th Foot 58th Foot
Powell Thomas   24th Foot  
Powell Thomas James Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Powell William   Staff Surgeon  
Power David   44th Foot  
Power Francis   3rd KGL Hussars  
Power George   23rd Foot  
Power Harris   3rd KGL Hussars  
Power John   50th Foot  
Power Manley   General  
Power N. P. Volunteer 87th Foot
Power Robert G. Royal Engineers  
Power Standish B. Volunteer 83rd Foot
Power Thomas   1st KGL Hussars  
Power Thomas   47th Foot 60th Foot
Power William   23rd Light Dragoons  
Power William Greenshields Royal Artillery  
Power William Middleton 28th Foot  
Powlett Vere   4th Foot  
Powling John   79th Foot  
Powys Henry   52nd Foot 83rd Foot
Poynter Benjamin Lyon Royal Artillery  
Poyntz James   30th Foot  
Poyntz Samuel  Robert 30th Foot  
Pratt Charles   5th Foot  
Pratt Charles   82nd Foot 96th Foot
Pratt Charles   34th Foot  
Pratt David   16th Light Dragoons  
Pratt George   27th Foot  
Pratt George   Deputy Purveyor  
Pratt Henry   58th Foot  
Pratt John   30th Foot  
Pratt John D. 71st Foot 95th Foot
Pratt Mathias   95th Foot  
Pratt Percy   47th Foot  
Pratt William   5th Foot  
Pratten John William Royal Artillery  
Pready Robert   59th Foot  
Precht Friederich   1st KGL Hussars  
Prendergast Charles O’Neil 3rd Foot Guards  
Prendergast James   36th Foot  
Prendergast John   82nd Foot  
Prescott George   7th Foot  
Prescott Serjentson   5th Dragoon Guards  
Preston Arthur John 7th Foot  
Preston George   40th Foot  
Preston John Charles 66th Foot  
Prevost Henry   7th Foot  
Prevost James   60th Foot  
Prevost William Augustus 67th Foot  
Price Barrington   43rd Foot 102nd Foot
Price David   36th Foot  
Price George   Royal Artillery Drivers  
Price Hugh   67th Foot 11th Light Dragoons
Price James   Royal Artillery  
Price James   58th Foot  
Price Rice   57th Foot  
Price Thomas   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Price Thomas Perry 1st Foot 4th Royal Veteran Battalion
Price William   Apothecary  
Prickett William   West Kent Militia Royal Waggon Train
Prideaux Edmund Saunderson 53rd Foot  
Pridham James   11th Foot  
Priest John   Royal Artillery Drivers  
Priestly W. H. Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Primat T. ?   Dillon’s Regiment  
Prince John   Coldstream Guards  
Pring John   27th Foot  
Pringle James   81st Foot  
Pringle John Watson Royal Engineers  
Pringle Norman   21st Foot  
Pringle Rudolph   2nd KGL Light  
Pringle William Henry General  
Prior John   39th Foot 20th Portuguese Line
Prior Thomas Murray 11th Light Dragoons 1st Foot
Pritchard Samuel Dilman 52nd Foot  
Pritchard  (Prichard) Octavius   10th Foot  
Privat George James 39th Foot  
Proby John   General  
Proctor Henry Aldophus 82nd Foot  
Proctor John   43rd Foot  
Proctor Thomas   43rd Foot  
Prosser Thomas   1st Foot 1st Royal Dragoons
Proto     Chasseurs Britannique  
Proudfoot Thomas   27th Foot Staff Assistant Surgeon
Pulsford Lucas   8th Foot 18th Light Dragoons
Purcell Charles   Assistant Commissary General
Purcell Goodwin   32nd Foot  
Purchas John   76th Foot  
Purdon Edward   60th Foot  
Purdon George   88th Foot 62nd Foot
Purefoy Arnold Nesbit 39th Foot  
Purefoy Brinsley   45th Foot 13th Royal Veteran Battalion
Purgold Friederich   2nd KGL Line  
Purvis Charles   1st Royal Dragoons  
Purvis Edward   4th Foot  
Purvis Patrick   79th Foot  
Pye Richard   74th Foot  
Pyke Wentworth A. 7th Foot  
Pym John Barton 87th Foot 60th Foot
Pym Percival   26th Foot  
Pymm John   13th Light Dragoons  
Pyne James   59th Foot  
Pyne Robert   83rd Foot 66th Foot
Pyner Francis   58th Foot  
Pynn Henry   82nd Foot 3rd Portuguese Line
Pyper Robert   11th Foot 13th Light Dragoons

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