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Lionel S. Challis's "Peninsula Roll Call": O'Bierne, James to Owgan, Joseph

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O’Bierne James   Royal Artillery  
O’Bree Robert   87th Foot  
O’Brien     Volunteer 40th Foot
O’Brien James   61st Foot  
O’Brien James   87th Foot  
O’Brien Morgan   7th Foot  
O’Brien Nicholas   Royal Artillery  
O’Brien William   58th Foot  
O’Callagan Robert William General  
O’Connell John   68th Foot  
O’Connell John   43rd Foot  
O’Connell Maurice   82nd Foot  
O’Connell Richard   43rd Foot 45th Foot
O’Connell Richard (Rickard) Volunteer 43rd Foot
O’Connor Bernard Richard 95th Foot 46th Foot
O’Connor Charles   Royal Artillery Drivers  
O’Connor Cornelius   31st Foot  
O’Connor Gerald F. G. 73rd Foot 85th Foot
O’Connor Maurice   88th Foot  
O’Connor Ogle Nisbett 79th Foot  
O’Connor Patrick   11th Foot  
O’Dell  Henry Edward 5th Foot  
O’Dogherty (O’Doherty) Theobald   40th Foot  
O’Doherty (O’Dougherty) Charles   32nd Foot  
O’Donaghue Edward   48th Foot  
O’Donaghue John William 47th Foot  
O’Donnell Pierce   3rd Foot  
O’Donnell William   20th Foot  
O’Flaherty Daniel   5th Foot 72nd Foot
O’Flaherty Francis   23rd Foot  
O’Flaherty Frederick   32nd Foot  
O’Flaherty George   43rd Foot 8th Royal Veteran Battalion
O’Flaherty John   45th Foot  
O’Grady John Thomas 11th Light Dragoons  
O’Grady Standish (2nd Viscount Guillamore) Volunteer 87th Foot
O’Grady Standish (Viscount Guillamore) 7th Light Dragoons  
O’Grady William   87th Foot  
O’Halloran George   4th Foot  
O’Halloran Theophilus   54th Foot  
O’Hara Marcus   59th Foot  
O’Hara Paterson   59th Foot  
O’Hara Robert   52nd Foot 88th Foot
O’Hara Walker   91st Foot 47th Foot
O’Hare Peter   95th Foot  
O’Hehir Sylvester   60th Foot  
O’Kearney Denis   61st Foot  
O’Kelly Denis   11th Foot ADC
O’Leary Arthur   24th Foot  
O’Leary Edmund   52nd Foot  
O’Leary John   91st Foot  
O'Loghlin Terence M. General  
O’Meally James   16th Light Dragoons 50th Foot
O’Meara Matthew Delaval Assistant Commissary General Deputy Commissary General
O’Meara William   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
O’Neale (O’Neill) Thomas   32nd Foot 2nd Battalion of Detachments
O’Neil Henry   Royal Waggon Train  
O’Neill Charles   83rd Foot  
O’Neill John E. 62nd Foot 1st Foot
O’Neill William   Volunteer 83rd Foot
O’Reilly Anthony Alexander 4th Dragoon Guards  
O’Reilly Edward   88th Foot 71st Foot
O’Reilly Henry William Deputy Purveyor  
O’Reilly John   Hospital Assistant  
O’Reilly John   Volunteer 44th Foot
O’Reilly Philip   95th Foot  
O’Shea Thomas   27th Foot  
O’Toole Bryan   39th Foot 2nd Caçadores
Oakley John Freeborn 2nd Foot  
Oakley Richard Cater 20th Foot  
Oates James Poole 88th Foot  
Obins Hamlet   Cape of Good Hope Regiment 20th Foot
Offeney Wilhelm   2nd KGL Light 7th KGL Line
Offley Francis Needham 23rd Foot Loyal Lusitanian Legion
Ogilvie Conyngham   95th Foot  
Ogilvie David   42nd Foot  
Ogilvie David   94th Foot  
Ogilvie George John Physician  
Ogilvie George   76th Foot  
Ogilvie James   Assistant Commissary General Deputy Commissary General
Oglander Henry   43rd Foot 47th Foot
Ogle John   9th Foot  
Ogle William Ogle Wallis 3rd Dragoons  
Oglivy William   52nd Foot  
Oke John   61st Foot   
Oldham Charles A. Royal Artillery  
Olferman Ernest   97th Foot Brigade Major
Oliver Andrew   Volunteer 83rd Foot
Oliver James  Warde 4th Foot 10th Portuguese Line
Oliver Robert   10th Light Dragoons  
Oliver Thomas M/ 38th Foot  
Ormerod Samuel Nicholas 91st Foot  
Onslow Mainwaring Edward 3rd Foot Guards  
Onslow Thomas Cranley 3rd Foot Guards  
Onslow William   4th Dragoons  
Orange William   General  
Ord Daniel   Deputy Commissary General  
Ord Robert Hutchinson Royal Artillery  
Ord William Redman Royal Engineers  
Ormerod Samuel Nicholas 91st Foot  
Ormiston John Andrew 91st Foot  
Ormsby     Chaplain  
Ormsby Adam   5th Dragoon Guards  
Ormsby George   3rd Dragoon Guards  
Ormsby Henry   36th Foot  
Ormsby James   83rd Foot  
Ormsby James   52nd Foot  
Ormsby John   7th Foot  
Ormsby Sewell   6th Foot  
Orpen Henry Francis 61st Foot  
Orr Hugh   Hospital Assistant 10th Foot
Orr John   85th Foot  
Orr John   42nd Foot  
Orr John   7th Foot  
Orr Martin   7th Foot  
Orrell Andrew   34th Foot  
Orrell John   95th Foot  
Osborn Darragh   38th Foot  
Osbourne Keane   5th Dragoon Guards  
Osten William   16th Light Dragoons ADC
Oswald John   General  
Ottey John   37th Foot  
Ottley Benjamin Wynne 91st Foot  
Ottley Matthew   Paymaster  
Otto Carl   3rd KGL Hussars 1st KGL Hussars
Otto Friederich   4th KGL Line  
Otway Loftus William General  
Otway William Loftus 12th Light Dragoons  
Oughton James   5th Foot 89th Foot
Oulton Henry   57th Foot  
Ouseley Ralph   63rd Foot 8th Portuguese Line
Ousely Ralph   45th Foot  
Outon Richard   Royal Waggon Train  
Ovens Edward   38th Foot 3rd Portuguese Line
Ovens John   73rd Foot 74th Foot
Ovens John   27th Foot  
Owen Hugh   16th Light Dragoons 18th Light Dragoons
Owen Humphrey   Royal Artillery  
Owen John   Chaplain  
Owen John   73rd Foot  
Owen John   61st Foot  
Owen Loftus   73rd Foot  
Owen Thomas Henry 3rd Foot  
Owen William   11th Foot  
Owens John Walker 31st Foot  
Owgan Joseph   88th Foot  

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