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Lionel S. Challis's "Peninsula Roll Call": Nagel, Adolph to Nunn, Loftus

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Nagel Adolph   1st KGL Light  
Nagle Michael   53rd Foot  
Nairne James Mellis 94th Foot 93rd Foot
Naish John   85th Foot  
Namsler A.   Brunswick Light Infantry  
Nangle Bartholomew   31st Foot  
Nangle Charles   62nd Foot  
Nangle James   31st Foot  
Nanny H.   Deputy Assistant Commissary General  
Nantes Richard   7th Foot  
Napier Alexander   92nd Foot  
Napier Charles   71st Foot  
Napier Charles James 50th Foot 102nd Foot
Napier George Thomas 52nd Foot 71st Foot
Napier Thomas   74th Foot  
Napier Thomas Erskine 52nd Foot Chasseurs Britannique
Napier William Francis Patrick 43rd Foot  
Napper Alexander   87th Foot 81st Foot
Napper George   Assistant Surgeon  
Napper John   83rd Foot  
Nash James   26th Foot  
Nash James   97th Foot  
Nash L.   Volunteer 57th Foot
Nason John   43rd Foot  
Nason John Robert 47th Foot  
Nassau Ludwig   Brunswick Light Infantry  
Naterman Friederich   1st KGL Dragoons  
Nave Augustus   Brunswick Light Infantry  
Nayler Charles   85th Foot  
Neale Adam   Physician  
Neale Edward Henry 43rd Foot 15th Light Dragoons
Neapean Nicholas   52nd Foot  
Needham Francis Jack (Earl of Kilmorey) 1st Foot Guards  
Needham John Dawson 7th Light Dragoons  
Neill Matthew   Hospital Assistant  
Neilly William   40th Foot  
Neligan Frederick   3rd Foot  
Neligan John Moore 24th Foot  
Neligan Thomas   83rd Foot  
Nelson Charles   28th Foot  
Nelson Francis   40th Foot  
Nelson Horatio   67th Foot  
Nelson John Clarke 28th Foot  
Nelson Llewellin   Volunteer 67th Foot
Nelson Richard   3rd Foot  
Nembhard Bailuard J. 34th Foot  
Nepean Nicholas   52nd Foot  
Nepean William   16th Light Dragoons  
Nesbitt John   18th Light Dragoons  
Nesfield William Andrews 95th Foot 89th Foot
Ness James B. 71st Foot  
Nestor Eugene   29th Foot 1st Garrison Battalion
Nestor James   29th Foot 12th Foot
Nethery James   27th Foot  
Neumann Friederich   Brunswick Light Infantry  
Neumann Heinrich   6th KGL Line  
Neussel Burchard   2nd KGL Light  
Nevill John   23rd Foot  
Neville  Henry   14th Light Dragoons  
Neville Parke Percy 30th Foot  
Nevin Thomas   74th Foot  
Newberry George   44th Foot  
Newbold Ambrose   29th Foot  
Newland Richard Bingham 20th Light Dragoons  
Newland Robert   Royal Artillery  
Newman Frederick   11th Foot  
Newman John   36th Foot  
Newman Richard   4th Dragoon Guards  
Newport Samuel   58th Foot  
Newport Simon   39th Foot  
Newport Simon George 10th Light Dragoons 102nd Foot
Newsome Joseph Henley 12th Light Dragoons  
Newton Hibbert   32nd Foot  
Newton Hibbert   32nd Foot  
Newton John Hayne Apothecary  
Newton Thomas Charles Royal Waggon Train  
Newton William   44th Foot  
Neyland George   16th Light Dragoons  
Nicholas William   Royal Engineers  
Nicholay Thomas Frederick Staff Surgeon  
Nicholls Augustus   66th Foot  
Nicholls George   66th Foot  
Nicholls Jasper   14th Foot  
Nicholls Samuel   9th Foot 60th Foot
Nicholls Thomas Samuel 31st Foot  
Nicholls William   3rd Foot  
Nicholson Alexander   2nd Life Guards  
Nicholson Brinsley   Staff Surgeon  
Nicholson Elmes S. L. 29th Foot  
Nicholson George   7th Garrison Battalion 2nd Foot
Nicholson Huntley   42nd Foot  
Nicholson John   83rd Foot  
Nicholson Joseph   53rd Foot  
Nicholson R. D. 58th Foot  
Nicholson Ralph   31st Foot  
Nicholson Ricchard   5th Foot  
Nickle Robert   88th Foot  
Nickle William   88th Foot  
Nicol Charles   66th Foot  
Nicolay William   Royal Staff Corps  
Nicolle Francois   Chasseurs Britannique  
Nicolson Peter   27th Foot  
Niess Johann Georg August 2nd KGL Dragoons  
Nieter Ernst   2nd KGL Light  
Nightingall Miles   General  
Nightingall (Nightingale) Gamaliel   6th Foot  
Nihill Edward   Volunteer 83rd Foot
Nihill William   38th Foot 19th Foot
Nisbett Robert   7th Dragoon Guards  
Nixon Alexander   27th Foot  
Nixon Brinsley   85th Foot 37th Foot
Nixon Edward   Coldstream Guards  
Nixon Henry Stewart 7th Garrison Battalion 10th Foot
Nixon James Lock 1st Foot Guards  
Nixon John   6th Foot 17th Foot
Nixon Robert   12th Foot 1st Foot
Nixon Robert   Royal Artillery  
Nixon Robert   28th Foot  
Nixon Thomas   1st Foot Guards Deputy Inspector of Hospitals
Nixon William Richmond 52nd Foot  
Noakes (Nokes) James   24th Foot  
Noble Charles   95th Foot  
Noleken George   83rd Foot  
Nolting Georg   5th KGL Line  
Nooth Henry   14th Foot  
Nooth John Mervin 7th Foot  
Norcliffe Norcliffe   4th Dragoons  
Norcott Amos Godsill Robert 95th Foot  
Norcott William   2nd KGL Light 81st Foot
Norlock     81st Foot  
Norman John   34th Foot  
Norman John Ballantine 2nd Foot  
Norman William   49th Foot 100th Foot
North Charles   50th Foot  
North Roger   50th Foot  
North Thomas   88th Foot  
North William   68th Foot  
Northcote H. Stafford 4th Dragoons  
Northern Lewis   82nd Foot  
Northey Edward Richard 52nd Foot  
Northey Lawrence Augustus Assistant Quartermaster General  
Northmore Thomas Welby 3rd Foot Guards  
Norton John   34th Foot  
Nowell Alexander John 10th Foot  
Nowlan Andrew   40th Foot  
Nowlan William   50th Foot  
Nugent George   16th Light Dragoons  
Nugent George Stephen Nugent Hodges Deputy Assistant Commissary General  
Nugent John   38th Foot  
Nugent Pierse   Volunteer 83rd Foot
Nugent Thomas   Deputy Assistant Commissary General  
Nunn Henry   24th Foot  
Nunn John  Loftus 7th Foot  
Nunn Joseph   26th Foot  
Nunn Loftus   31st Foot  

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