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Lionel S. Challis's "Peninsula Roll Call": L'Affan, Joseph to Lyttle, James

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Last Name First Name Middle Name (s)
Regiment or Position
L’Affan  Joseph de Courcey Physician  
L’Estrange Alured Henry 7th Foot  
L’Estrange Edward   14th Foot  
L’Estrange George   98th Foot 24th Foot
L’Estrange George   31st Foot  
L’Estrange Guy G. Carleton 31st Foot 26th Foot
L’Estrange Henry Presley 11th Foot  
L’Estrange Isaac Francis 3rd Foot  
L’Estrange John   66th Foot  
L’Estrange Robert   Royal Waggon Train  
L’Estrange Thomas   36th Foot  
L’Estrange Toller Henry 83rd Foot  
L’Estrange William   11th Foot  
La Barte J.   48th Foot  
La Roche Franz   2nd KGL Line  
La Serre Nicholas   87th Foot  
Lacey Ralph   61st Foot  
Lacy Richard John James Royal Artillery  
Lacy Samuel Walker 82nd Foot  
Laforest William   26th Foot  
Laidlaw John   Volunteer 51st Foot
Laidlaw Thomas   66th Foot  
Laidley James   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Laidley John   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Laidley William   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Laing James   61st Foot  
Laing Samuel   Royal Staff Corps  
Laing Thomas   94th Foot  
Laird Charles   83rd Foot  
Laisné John Constantine 6th Foot Staff Surgeon
Lake George Augustus Frederick 29th Foot  
Lally Edmund   4th Dragoon Guards  
Lalor Thomas   43rd Foot 5th Caçadores
Lambe  Frederick James ADC  
Lambert  Henry John 1st Foot Guards ADC
Lambert John   General  
Lambert Samuel   1st Foot Guards  
Lambert Thomas   82nd Foot  
Lambert Walter   11th Foot  
Lambert William   1st Foot Guards  
Lambrecht John   66th Foot  
Lamert Matthew   50th Foot 7th Royal Veteran Battalion
Lamont John   92nd Foot  
Lamont Norman   91st Foot  
Lamont William   Assistant Commissary General  
Lamothe James   1st Dragoons  
Lamphier William Wolsey 87th Foot 34th Foot
Lamprey George   82nd Foot  
Lancaster Joseph   2nd KGL Line  
Lander Thomas B. 11th Foot  
Landers Thomas   39th Foot  
Landmann George   Royal Engineers  
Landon Thomas Jones Chaplain  
Lane Abraham   12th Light Dragoons  
Lane Ambrose   83rd Foot  
Lane Francis   37th Foot  
Lane  George   1st Foot  
Lane  Henry   15th Light Dragoons  
Lane  Henry   Royal Artillery Drivers  
Lane  Henry Bowyer Royal Artillery  
Lane James   84th Foot  
Lane John   Volunteer 42nd Foot  
Lane Thomas Bateman 3rd Dragoon Guards  
Lang John Sibbald 94th Foot  
Lang Robert Charles 81st Foot  
Langdon (or Langton) Colwell   39th Foot  
Lange Johann Diederich 2nd KGL Light 2nd KGL Dragoons
Langeheincken Philipp   7th KGL Line 1st KGL Line
Langford Cooper   82nd Foot  
Langford John   4th Dragoon Guards Royal Horse Guards
Langharne Rowland H. P. 28th Foot 40th Foot
Langlands George   74th Foot 13th Royal Veteran Battalion
Langley Frederick   74th Foot 82nd Foot
Langley Roger   59th Foot  
Langley William   Royal Waggon Train  
Langmann William   1st Dragoons  
Langrehr Ernst Philipp 5th KGL Line  
Langrehr Wilhelm   2nd KGL Line 8th KGL Line
Langstaff Edward H. 71st Foot  
Langton Algernon   61st Foot Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General
Langton Edward   52nd Foot  
Langton William  Gore 4th Dragoons  
Larchin Charles   Physician Staff Surgeon
Lardner George   14th Light Dragoons 1st Royal Veteran Battalion
Laroche James   15th Light Dragoons  
Larpent Francis Seymour Deputy Judge Advocate  
Lascelles Charles F. Rowley 1st Foot Guards  
Lascelles Edward   Coldstream Guards  
Lascelles Thomas   Royal Engineers  
Lasius Heinrich   1st KGL Line  
Lassius M.   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Latham George   27th Foot  
Latham Robert   82nd Foot  
Latham William   Royal Artillery  
Latham (or Leatham) Mathew   3rd Foot  
Latta John   42nd Foot  
Laugton Thomas    29th Foot  
Laurie John   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Laurie William   26th Foot  
Laute Carl   Brunswick Hussars  
Lautour James Oliver 1st Foot Guards  
Lautour Joseph Andrew 1st Foot Guards  
Lautour Peter Augustus 11th Light Dragoons 40th Foot
Lauzun Henry William Royal Staff Corps  
Lavers Robert Gresley 91st Foot Assistant Commissary General
Lavins Patrick H. 28th Foot  
Law Hugh   26th Foot  
Law James Horton 38th Foot  
Law John   26th Foot  
Law Robert   Volunteer 71st Foot
Law  William Henry 62nd Foot  
Lawder James   29th Foot  
Lawder Rynd   32nd Foot  
Lawless James   60th Foot  
Lawrence James   13th Light Dragoons  
Lawrence John   1st Foot Guards  
Lawrence John   Deputy Assistant Commissary General Assistant Commissary General
Lawrence Samuel Hill 32nd Foot  
Lawrence William Dawson 38th Foot  
Lawrence William Hudson Royal Artillery  
Lawrence Worsopp Dawson 38th Foot  
Lawrie Andrew   79th Foot ADC
Laws  William John 38th Foot  
Lawson Robert   Royal Artillery  
Lawson Samuel Humble Volunteer 95th Foot
Layard (or Leard) William   10th Foot  
Laye Thomas H. 52nd Foot  
Layton George   53rd Foot  
Layton Jonathan   95th Foot  
Le Bachellé Georg Wilhelm Ernst 7th KGL Line  
Le Blanc Francis   4th Foot 4th Garrison Battalion
Le Court     Chasseurs Britannique  
Le Court Lewis (junior) Staff Surgeon  
Le Court Lewis (senior) Staff Surgeon  
Le Maitre     23rd Foot 3rd West India Regiment
Le Maitre Frederick H. A. Chasseurs Britannique  
Le Marchant Carey   1st Foot Guards  
Le Marchant John Gaspard General  
Le Mesurier Havilland   21st Foot 14th Portuguese Line
Le Mesurier Henry   48th Foot 3rd Garrison Battalion
Le Mesurier J. T. H. Chaplain  
Le Mesurier Peter   9th Foot  
Le Mesurier Peter   89th Foot 68th Foot
Le Mesurier William Abraham 24th Foot 3rd Provisional Battalion
Le Neve Felix   Staff Corps Cavalry  
Le Royd Richard   82nd Foot 2nd Battalion of Detachments
Leach Jonathan   95th Foot  
Leach William   11th Light Dragoons Portuguese Cavalry Depot
Leache Hewitt   23rd Foot  
Leacroft Frederick   27th Foot  
Leaf John   52nd Foot  
Leahy John Thomas 23rd Foot  
Leake Henry   50th Foot  
Leaper William   79th Foot 1st Battalion of Detachments
Lear George   Royal Artillery  
Lear John   5th Foot 13th Royal Veteran Battalion
Leary Isaac   40th Foot  
Leatham Patrick   92nd Foot  
Leatham William Fielding 4th Dragoon Guards  
Leathes Henry Massenden Royal Artillery  
Leckey James   28th Foot  
Leckie John H. 39th Foot  
Lecky Averel   45th Foot  
Lecky David   45th Foot  
Lecky Henry   20th Light Dragoons  
Lediard Thomas   66th Foot  
Ledwith Henry   23rd Foot  
Lee Edward   81st Foot  
Lee Henry   95th Foot  
Lee  James   42nd Foot  
Leebody William   Volunteer 61st Foot
Leech Francis  Edward 62nd Foot  
Leech James   86th Foot 8th Caçadores
Leech John   5th Foot  
Lefebvre Charles   Royal Engineers  
Lefebvre George   Royal Artillery  
Lefevre Thomas   Deputy Assistant Commissary General  
Legenderw Panorace   De Watteville’s Regiment  
Leggatt Martin   50th Foot 36th Foot
Leggatt Samuel   Chaplain  
Leggett John   84th Foot 3rd Dragoon Guards
Lehmann Alexander   5th KGL Line  
Leiblein Jacob   Brunswick Light Infantry  
Leicester Frederick   Royal Staff Corps  
Leigh Francis   92nd Foot 66th Foot
Leigh George   10th Light Dragoons  
Leighton Burgh   4th Dragoons  
Leitch Nathaniel   15th Light Dragoons 72nd Foot
Leith Alexander   31st Foot  
Leith James   General  
Leith James W. M. 68th Foot  
Leman N.  Orgill 77th Foot  
Lemmers Nicholaus   2nd KGL Light  
Lempriere Charles   58th Foot 3rd Provisional Battalion
Lempriere William Charles Royal Artillery Royal Horse Artillery
Lenhart     Chasseurs Britannique  
Lennox George   9th Light Dragoons ADC
Lennon George   27th Foot 24th Portuguese Line
Lennon James   13th Light Dragoons  
Lennox James (George) Royal Waggon Train  
Lennox John C. Royal Artillery  
Lennon William Fitzmaurice 44th Foot  
Leonard Daniel   Hospital Assistant  
Leonard John Brydges 20th Light Dragoons 1st Life Guards
Leonard Thomas   88th Foot  
Leonard William H. 23rd Foot  
Leonhardt Georg   1st KGL Hussars  
Leonhart Ernst Ludewig Franz 1st KGL Light  
Leopold Ferdinand   Brunswick Light Infantry  
Lerche Gottlieb   60th Foot  
Lernon Desiré   Chasseurs Britannique  
Leroux George Wilson 48th Foot  
Lesassier Alexander   42nd Foot Surgeon
Leslie Alexander   78th Foot 87th Foot
Leslie Charles   29th Foot 60th Foot
Leslie David A. 50th Foot 19th Portuguese Line
Leslie Francis   1st KGL Line  
Leslie J.   57th Foot  
Leslie James   45th Foot  
Leslie Joseph   87th Foot  
Leslie Kewan Izod 79th Foot  
Lester Thomas Young 7th Foot  
Lestrange Edmund   71st Foot ADC
Lett Andrew   26th Foot  
Lettrew Heinrich   1st KGL Dragoons  
Leue Georg Ludewig 4th KGL Line  
Lewin Carique   71st Foot  
Lewin Edward Ross 9th Foot  
Levinge Charles   27th Foot  
Levinge Charles   4th Foot  
Lewis Charles   Royal Waggon Train  
Lewis Edward   36th Foot  
Lewis Griffith George Royal Engineers  
Lewis John   Apothecary  
Lewis John Bower 88th Foot  
Lewis Roger Lambert 59th Foot 20th Foot
Lewis Thomas   Hospital Assistant  
Lewis  Tubal   77th Foot  
Lewis  Westeura  Warner 58th Foot  
Lichtenberger Christian   4th KGL Line  
Lidderdale William   15th Light Dragoons Staff Surgeon
Liddle James   12th Light Dragoons Riding Master Cavalry Depot
Liebing David   Brunswick Hussars  
Lifford Richard   52nd Foot  
Light Henry   Royal Artillery  
Light John   28th Foot  
Light Thomas H. 14th Foot  
Light William   4th Dragoons  
Lightbody John   71st Foot 28th Foot
Lightburne Stafford   General  
Lightfoot Thomas   45th Foot  
Lillie John Scott 6th Foot 60th Foot
Lilly (or Lillie) Thomas   23rd Foot  
Lima Martin   48th Foot Interpreter
Lind Montague   1st Life Guards  
Lind Robert   71st Foot  
Lind Robert Robinson 43rd Foot  
Lindam Ole   2nd KGL Light  
Lindener Ludewig   2nd KGL Line  
Lindes Carl   1st KGL Hussars  
Lindes Carl   1st KGL Dragoons  
Lindesay John   Staff Surgeon  
Lindsay Andrew   47th Foot  
Lindsay George   4th Garrison Battalion 9th Foot
Lindsay Henry John 11th Foot  
Lindsay James   1st Foot Guards  
Lindsay Owen   2nd Dragoon Guards 72nd Foot
Lindsay Patrick   39th Foot  
Lindsay Patrick   88th Foot  
Lindsay Thomas   83rd Foot  
Lindsay William   36th Foot  
Lindsill John Peter 11th Light Dragoons  
Linn (or Lynn) David   32nd Foot 96th Foot
Linsingen F.   Dillon’s Regiment  
Linstow William Jr. ? 60th Foot Loyal Lusitanian Legion
Lipper James   24th Foot 3rd Provisional Battalion
Lister William   95th Foot  
Lister William Henry 82nd Foot 2nd Battalion of Detachments
Litchfield Richard   Royal Artillery  
Little George   45th Foot  
Little John   27th Foot  
Livesay Charles Edward 47th Foot  
Livingstone Alexander   60th Foot  
Llewellyn Edward   23rd Foot  
Llewellyn Henry   95th Foot  
Llewellyn Henry   5th KGL Line  
Llewellyn (or Lluellyn) Richard   28th Foot  
Lloyd Edward Bell 16th Light Dragoons  
Lloyd Frederick   Volunteer 32nd Foot
Lloyd H.  Thomas 92nd Foot 84th Foot
Lloyd James   84th Foot  
Lloyd James Richard Levis 17th Light Dragoons 10th Light Dragoons
Lloyd John Ormsby Volunteer 27th Foot
Lloyd John William Royal Artillery  
Lloyd Richard   45th Foot  
Lloyd Richard   84th Foot  
Lloyd Robert   16th Light Dragoons  
Lloyd Thomas   43rd Foot 94th Foot
Lloyd Thomas   97th Foot  
Lloyd Thomas Jonas 88th Foot  
Lloyd  William   23rd Foot  
Loane George   40th Foot 94th Foot
Locke John   84th Foot  
Locke Robert Gardner 10th Foot  
Locke Walter Elphinstone Royal Artillery  
Lockhart William   16th Light Dragoons  
Lockwood Purefoy   30th Foot  
Lockwood William   Coldstream Guards  
Lockwood William   71st Foot  
Lockyer Henry Frederick 71st Foot  
Lockyer Orlando   5th Foot  
Lodders Friederich Johann Ludewig 5th KGL Line  
Lodge William   31st Foot  
Loft Harry Capel 48th Foot  
Loftus George Colby 3rd Foot Guards  
Loftus Henry D. 9th Foot  
Loftus William   68th Foot  
Loftus William Francis Bentinck 38th Foot  
Logan Abraham   72nd Foot 1st Foot
Logan George   92nd Foot  
Logan Joseph   95th Foot  
Logan Patrick   57th Foot  
Logan Thomas Galbraith 7th Dragoon Guards 71st Foot
Loggan George   47th Foot  
Logie William   92nd Foot  
Loinsworth Frederick Albert 14th Foot 90th Foot
Long Edmund Slingsby 7th Light Dragoons  
Long Edward Noel Coldstream Guards  
Long Henry   9th Foot 104th Foot
Long Robert Ballard General  
Long Thomas   58th Foot  
Long  William   71st Foot  
Longley Joseph   Royal Engineers  
Longman James William 1st KGL Hussars  
Longmore George   Royal Staff Corps  
Löning Michael   2nd KGL Hussars  
Lonsdale Charles   4th Foot  
Lonsdale James   4th Foot  
Lonsdale William   4th Foot  
Loppinot Charles Amable 37th Foot  
Lord John   39th Foot  
Lorentz Charles   7th Foot  
Lorimer Robert   94th Foot  
Loring William   Royal Artillery  
Lormier Charles Hunt 1st Foot 19th Foot
Lormier William   42nd Foot  
Lormier William   Hospital Assistant  
Louis Matthew   Royal Artillery  
Love George Harley 52nd Foot  
Love James   Royal Artillery  
Love James Frederick 52nd Foot  
Love Robert John 87th Foot  
Lovelace Charles   7th Light Dragoons  
Lovelidge Arthur   Deputy Assistant Commissary General  
Lovell Lovell Benjamin 14th Light Dragoons  
Lovelock John B. 29th Foot  
Lovett Terney Robert 50th Foot 14th Portuguese Line
Low Addison   45th Foot 47th Foot
Lowcay George   57th Foot  
Lowcay Standish   26th Foot  
Lowe John   2nd Life Guards  
Lowes J. W. 3rd Dragoons  
Lowrie Robert   91st Foot  
Lowry Armar   45th Foot  
Lowther Henry Ceal 7th Light Dragoons  
Luard George   4th Dragoons 18th Light Dragoons
Luard John   4th Dragoons  
Lucas Jasper   32nd Foot  
Lucas Richard   29th Foot  
Lucas Samuel Alexander Hood 5th Dragoon Guards  
Lucas Samuel H. 91st Foot  
Lucas St.John Wells 29th Foot 98th Foot
Ludewig Adolph   4th KGL Line  
Ludewig Friederich   4th KGL Line  
Ludewig Georg   4th KGL Line  
Ludewig Wilhelm   1st KGL Light  
Ludlow J.   48th Foot  
Lueder Eberhard Magnus Ludewig 3rd KGL Line  
Lueder Friederich   2nd KGL Dragoons  
Lueder Friederich Franz Brunswick Light Infantry  
Lueke Friederich   Brunswick Light Infantry  
Lukin William   Assistant Commissary General Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Lukin William Smith Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Lumley Hugh   31st Foot 3rd Portuguese Line
Lumley William   General  
Lumsden Samuel   50th Foot  
Lunch Thomas   101st Foot 16th Portuguese Line
Lunn James   40th Foot 86th Foot
Luscombe Edward Thornhill 34th Foot  
Luscombe Thomas  Mayne 9th Foot  
Lutman John Adrian 81st Foot  
Lutterman Johann   6th KGL Line KGL Engineers
Luttermann Georg   7th KGL Line  
Luttrell Francis Fownes 1st Foot Guards  
Luttrell Jonathan   Volunteer 74th Foot
Luttrell Thomas   Volunteer 1st Foot
Lutyens Benjamin   11th Light Dragoons Deputy Assistant Adjutant General
Lutyens Charles   Deputy Commissary General  
Lutyens Daniel   11th Light Dragoons  
Lutyms Englebert   20th Foot  
Lyddon John   48th Foot  
Lye Benjamin Leigh 11th Light Dragoons  
Lygon Edward Pyndar 2nd Life Guards  
Lygon Henry Beauchamp 16th Light Dragoons  
Lynam Joseph   95th Foot  
Lynch Charles   27th Foot  
Lynch Edward W. 2nd Foot  
Lynch Francis Brown 6th Foot  
Lynch Henry Blois 95th Foot Greek Rangers
Lynch James Stuart 1st Foot  
Lynch Martin   27th Foot  
Lynch Robert Blake 30th Foot  
Lyne Michael   47th Foot  
Lynedoch see Sir Thomas Graham    
Lynn W.  B. 5th Foot  
Lyon Daniel   50th Foot  
Lyon James   General  
Lyon William John 14th Light Dragoons  
Lyons William   Apothecary  
Lys James   Royal Artillery  
Lys William Henry Staff Surgeon  
Lysnewsky Julius   Brunswick Light Infantry  
Lyster John   66th Foot  
Lyster (or Lister) Thomas St. George 74th Foot  
Lythe John   Royal Artillery Drivers  
Lyttle James   13th Royal Veteran Battalion  

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