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Lionel S. Challis's "Peninsula Roll Call": Jacks, Walter to Juxon, William

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Last Name First Name Middle Name (s)
Regiment or Position
Jacks Walter   20th Light Dragoons Foreign Troop Hussars
Jackson Basil   Royal Waggon Train  
Jackson Charles   2nd Life Guards  
Jackson Charles   3rd Foot  
Jackson Edward   50th Foot  
Jackson Edward   20th Foot  
Jackson George   81st Foot  
Jackson George   43rd Foot  
Jackson George   1st Foot  
Jackson Henry   52nd Foot  
Jackson James   83rd Foot 37th Foot
Jackson James   47th Foot  
Jackson James   94th Foot  
Jackson John   57th Foot  
Jackson John Napper 94th Foot  
Jackson Joseph H. 5th Dragoon Guards  
Jackson Josias   10th Light Dragoons  
Jackson Richard Downes Coldstream Guards Assistant Quartermaster General
Jackson Robert   68th Foot  
Jackson William Devereux 88th Foot  
Jacob Bostock   44th Foot  
Jacques John   3rd Foot Royal Veteran Battalion
Jacson Shallcross   3rd Dragoons  
Jaggard Charles   Royal Artillery  
Jagger Joseph   Royal Artillery Drivers  
Jago Charles   24th Foot 3rd Provisional Battalion
Jagoe Jonathan   32nd Foot  
James Francis   81st Foot  
James George   Royal Artillery  
James Henry   61st Foot  
James John   89th Foot  
James Reginald   37th Foot  
James Thomas   85th Foot  
James Thomas William 58th Foot  
James William   Deputy Purveyor  
Jameson J. Kane 27th Foot  
Jameson John Putland 4th Foot  
Jameson William   34th Foot  
Jameson (or Jamieson) James   4th Foot  
Jandon (Jaudon ?) Francis   Chasseurs Britannique  
Janns Timothy Richard 88th Foot  
Janssen Georg   3rd KGL Hussars  
Janssen Johann   2nd KGL Hussars  
Jarmy Benjamin   Royal Waggon Train  
Jarmy Thomas   Staff Cavalry Corps  
Jarvey James   32nd Foot 2nd Battalion of Detachments
Jarvis George Ralph Payne 36th Foot  
Jauncey Henry   50th Foot  
Jauncey John  Knight 10th Foot  
Jearrard David   34th Foot Royal Staff Corps
Jebb David  Gansell 3rd Dragoons  
Jebb Frederick   18th Light Dragoons Surgeon
Jebb John   Royal Horse Guards  
Jebb Richard   10th Light Dragoons 16th Light Dragoons
Jeffrey George Stoat 53rd Foot  
Jeffrey John   77th Foot  
Jeffreys Edward   3rd Dragoon Guards  
Jeffreys Henry   3rd Foot  
Jeffreys John   13th Light Dragoons Brigade Major
Jeffreys Richard   Glamorgan Militia 53rd Foot
Jeffries Joseph   1st Foot  
Jenkin James   84th Foot  
Jenkins George   Chaplain  
Jenkins John   11th Light Dragoons  
Jenkins John   4th Foot  
Jenkins John   95th Foot  
Jenkins Samuel   16th Light Dragoons  
Jenkins Samuel   81st Foot  
Jenkins Thomas   11th Light Dragoons  
Jenkinson F. Edward Coldstream Guards  
Jenkinson George   Royal Artillery  
Jenks George Samuel 10th Light Dragoons  
Jenner     De Watteville’s Regiment  
Jennings Joshua   51st Foot  
Jennings William   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Jenoway Richard O. 1st Foot  
Jericho Friederich   7th KGL Line  
Jermyn John   1st Foot  
Jermyn Samuel Beresford 57th Foot  21st Portuguese Line
Jervis Humphrey Jervis White 84th Foot  
Jervis William Paxton 2nd Life Guards  
Jervoise Francis B. 44th Foot  
Jervoise Isaac   9th Foot  
Jervoise Richard Purefoy 1st Dragoons  
Jervoise William   89th Foot 57th Foot
Jesse John Sage Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Jesseman Alexander   24th Foot  
Jessop John   44th Foot ADC
Jeston Thomas Ward 36th Foot  
Jeyes (or Jeys) Samuel   15th Light Dragoons  
Job Henry   11th Foot 44th Foot
Jobin Marius T. H. 2nd KGL Light  
Jocelyn Thomas   23rd Foot  
Joddrell Henry Edmund 1st Foot Guards  
Joerres  Maximilian   20th Light Dragoons  
Johnson Arthur   24th Foot  
Johnson Arthur England 5th Foot  
Johnson Cassius MatthewSee Clenchey, Cassius Matthew 
Johnson Croston   3rd Dragoons  
Johnson David England 5th Foot  
Johnson Edward   28th Foot 39th Foot
Johnson Henry   14th Foot  
Johnson Henry   88th Foot  
Johnson Henry Cavendish 23rd Foot  
Johnson Hugh   74th Foot  
Johnson J. A. 18th Light Dragoons  
Johnson James   28th Foot  
Johnson John   1st Foot  
Johnson Mark H. 3rd Dragoons  
Johnson Patrick   Royal Sappers and Miners  
Johnson Philip   5th Foot  
Johnson Ralph Boteler 16th Light Dragoons  
Johnson Ralph H. 87th Foot 64th Foot
Johnson Richard   7th Foot  
Johnson Robert   28th Foot  
Johnson Samuel   Royal Waggon Train  
Johnson Samuel   48th Foot  
Johnson William   29th Foot  
Johnson William Augustus 32nd Foot  
Johnson William McKenzie 47th Foot  
Johnson William Yates 84th Foot  
Johnson (or Johnston) Francis   83rd Foot  
Johnson (or Johnston) George   43rd Foot  
Johnston Edward   48th Foot  
Johnston Elliot Dunkin 95th Foot  
Johnston George   51st Foot 88th Foot
Johnston James   40th Foot 5th Portuguese Line
Johnston James   48th Foot 4th Garrison Battalion
Johnston James William Royal Artillery  
Johnston John   9th Foot  
Johnston John Andrew 44th Foot  
Johnston Robert   7th Foot  
Johnston Stephen B. 7th Foot  
Johnston William   68th Foot  
Johnston William   95th Foot  
Johnston William   Royal Waggon Train  
Johnston William   9th Foot  
Johnston William   7th Foot 57th Foot
Johnstone Arthur   Warwick Militia 81st Foot
Johnstone Edward   40th Foot  
Johnstone G. C. 1st Foot  
Johnstone George   88th Foot  
Johnstone Hugh   50th Foot  
Johnstone James   50th Foot 60th Foot
Johnstone John   2nd Foot 2nd Battalion of Detachments
Johnstone John   21st Light Dragoons 3rd Dragoons
Johnstone Robert   66th Foot  
Johnstone Thomas   27th Foot  
Johnstone William   26th Foot  
Johnstone William Frederick 1st Foot Guards  
Joliffe Charles   23rd Foot  
Jolliffe Cornwall   34th Foot  
Jolly John   4th Dragoon Guards  
Joly Thomas Charles Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Jones Alexander   6th Foot  
Jones Arthur   71st Foot  
Jones Arthur   83rd Foot  
Jones Benjamin Orlando 36th Foot 3rd Portuguese Line
Jones Charles   15th Light Dragoons Brigade Major
Jones Charles   18th Light Dragoons ADC
Jones Dillon   32nd Foot 38th Foot
Jones Edward   77th Foot  
Jones Frederick   26th Foot Deputy Assistant Adjutant General
Jones Griffin   Brunswick Light Infantry  
Jones Griffith   44th Foot  
Jones Harry David Royal Engineers  
Jones Henry   44th Foot  
Jones James Ireson 7th Foot  
Jones John   87th Foot ADC
Jones John   81st Foot Staff Surgeon
Jones John   3rd Dragoons 1st Royal Veteran Battalion
Jones John   3rd Dragoons  
Jones John Fitzwilliam 45th Foot  
Jones John Gibson Royal West India Regiment 43rd Foot
Jones John Thomas Royal Engineers  
Jones John (Robert)   24th Foot  
Jones Joseph   81st Foot  
Jones Joseph Allingham 39th Foot  
Jones Leslie George 1st Foot Guards  
Jones Lewis Price 15th Light Dragoons  
Jones Loftus Francis 95th Foot  
Jones Meridith   Royal Waggon Train  
Jones Oliver Thomas General  
Jones Price   34th Foot  
Jones Pryce   62nd Foot  
Jones Raymond   Assistant Paymaster General
Jones Rice   Royal Engineers  
Jones Richard   2nd Foot  
Jones Richard   40th Foot  
Jones Richard   50th Foot  
Jones Richard Haynes 11th Foot  
Jones Roger   Volunteer 32nd Foot
Jones Samuel   Apothecary  
Jones Sylvanus   37th Foot  
Jones Thomas   23rd Foot  
Jones Thomas   27th Foot  
Jones Thomas   32nd Foot  
Jones Thomas   4th KGL Line  
Jones Timothy   4th Foot  
Jones Valentine   18th Light Dragoons 3rd Dragoons
Jones William   44th Foot  
Jones William   43rd Foot  
Jones William   51st Foot  
Jones William   95th Foot 40th Foot
Jones William   14th Light Dragoons  
Jones William   5th Dragoon Guards  
Jones William   1st Royal Dragoons 2nd Royal Veteran Battalion
Jones William   52nd Foot  
Jones  William   36th Foot 67th Foot
Jones  William Henry 23rd Foot  
Jordan Edward   38th Foot 26th Foot
Jordan Moore   Royal Artillery Drivers  
Joyce John   60th Foot  
Joyner W.    23rd Foot  
Joynt George   37th Foot  
Judge Arthur   27th Foot  
Julian Richard   23rd Foot  
Juliani John   Chasseurs Britannique  


Etienne Epiphane

  Chasseurs Britannique  
Jull William   94th Foot 50th Foot
Juxon William   3rd Foot  

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