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Lionel S. Challis's "Peninsula Roll Call": Haase, George to Hylton, John

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Last Name First Name Middle Name (s)
Regiment or Position
Haase George   De Watteville’s Regiment  
Haasmann Georg   2nd KGL Light  
Haberland Carl   Brunswick Light Infantry  
Hackett Edward   45th Foot 2nd West India Regiment
Hackett Isaac   83rd Foot  
Hackett John   88th Foot  
Hackett Richard   7th Foot  
Hackett Robert   88th Foot  
Hadden James   3rd Dragoon Guards  
Haddock Robert   87th Foot 3rd Caçadores
Haden Francis William Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Hageman John Frederick Assistant Commissary General Deputy Commissary General
Hagemann Georg   5th KGL Line  
Hagenburg Gustav   5th KGL Line 7th KGL Line
Haggarty Charles   10th Light Dragoons  
Haggarty James   5th Foot  
Hagger John   47th Foot 13th Royal Veteran Battalion
Haggerston Robert   26th Foot  
Haggup William   95th Foot  
Hagon James   59th Foot 53rd Foot
Haines Gregory   Assistant Commissary General  
Hair Andrew   2nd Foot 2nd Provisional Battalion
Hair  Archibald   40th Foot  
Hakewill George   Royal Waggon Train  
Halfhide James   37th Foot  
Halford George   59th Foot  
Halkett Colin   2nd KGL Light  
Halkett Hugh   2nd KGL Light 7th KGL Line
Hall Alexander   47th Foot  
Hall Charles   3rd Foot Guards  
Hall Charles   38th Foot  
Hall Edward   81st Foot  
Hall F. H. 48th Foot  
Hall Francis   14th Light Dragoons  
Hall  George Dry Royal Staff Corps  
Hall George   52nd Foot  
Hall Henry   27th Foot  
Hall Henry G. 71st Foot  
Hall James   79th Foot  
Hall James   82nd Foot  
Hall Richard   8th Garrison Battalion 47th Foot
Hall Robert Wesby 23rd Foot  
Hall  Thomas   16th Light Dragoons  
Hall William   12th Light Dragoons  
Hallahan Samuel H. Royal Artillery  
Hallen William   95th Foot  
Hallett Robert Stephen 52nd Foot  
Halliday Andrew   4th Dragoon Guards Staff Surgeon
Halpin Wilhelm   1st KGL Dragoons  
Haly William A. 53rd Foot  
Hamburg Lewis Augustus Brunswick Light Infantry  
Hamer Michael Greatheed 5th Foot  
Hames Charles   32nd Foot  
Hames Thomas   60th Foot  
Hamilton Alexander   60th Foot  
Hamilton Andrew   1st Foot 23rd Light Dragoons
Hamilton Archibald   92nd Foot  
Hamilton Archibald James 4th Dragoons 2nd Dragoons
Hamilton Arthur   39th Foot  
Hamilton Digby   Royal Waggon Train  
Hamilton Douglas John 52nd Foot 85th Foot
Hamilton George   5th Dragoon Guards  
Hamilton George  A. Royal Engineers  
Hamilton Henry  Stewart 74th Foot  
Hamilton James   53rd Foot  
Hamilton James   94th Foot 3rd West India Regiment
Hamilton James Banbury 5th Foot  
Hamilton James Henry 46th Foot 2nd Portuguese Line
Hamilton James (Possibly John)   2nd KGL Line  
Hamilton John   11th Foot  
Hamilton John   61st Foot  
Hamilton John   General  
Hamilton John   42nd Foot  
Hamilton John   5th Foot  
Hamilton John   Coldstream Guards Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General
Hamilton John   60th Foot  
Hamilton John Ferrier 3rd Dragoon Guards  
Hamilton John Potter 10th Foot 83rd Foot
Hamilton John Spring 5th Foot  
Hamilton Nicholas   5th Foot  
Hamilton Patrick   4th Dragoon Guards  
Hamilton Robert   74th Foot  
Hamilton Robert Henry 76th Foot  
Hamilton Robert Montgomery 101st Foot 85th Foot
Hamilton Robert S. 51st Foot  
Hamilton T. A. 79th Foot  
Hamilton Thomas   29th Foot  
Hamilton Thomas   27th Foot  
Hamilton William   5th Foot  
Hamilton William   42nd Foot  
Hamilton William   Volunteer 95th Foot
Hamilton William A. 78th Foot  
Hamilton William Henry 38th Foot 34th Foot
Hamlyn James   7th Light Dragoons  
Hammersley James   5th Dragoon Guards  
Hammerton John Millet 44th Foot  
Hammerton William  Meadows 7th Foot  
Hammon Abel   12th Light Dragoons  
Hanbury John   1st Foot Guards ADC
Hancorne Christopher   4th Foot  
Hancox Skinner   15th Light Dragoons  
Hand Francis   66th Foot  
Handcock Matthew   45th Foot  
Handcock Richard   27th Foot  
Handford Thomas   10th Foot  
Handley Benjamin   9th Light Dragoons  
Handley Benjamin   9th Light Dragoons  
Handley William   48th Foot  
Hanly Roger   9th Foot  
Hanly  (or Hanby) Featherstone   27th Foot  
Hanmer Henry   Royal Horse Guards  
Hanmer Thomas  Hardy 81st Foot  
Hanna John   67th Foot  
Hannam Chatham   4th Foot  
Hannam Pitt   7th Foot  
Hannen John   30th Foot  
Hansler Edward   60th Foot  
Hanson William   91st Foot 6th Dragoon Guards
Hanson William Crosby 71st Foot  
Harcourt Charles Amedee 40th Foot  
Harcourt Henry Vermont 1st Foot Guards  
Harcourt John   27th Foot  
Hardcastle William Augustus 31st Foot 23rd Portuguese Line
Harden John   8th Foot  
Harden Nathaniel   5th Foot  
Harding Benjamin   10th Light Dragoons  
Harding Edmund   82nd Foot  
Harding Frederick   27th Foot  
Harding George   44th Foot  
Harding George Judd Royal Engineers  
Harding John   81st Foot  
Harding John   34th Foot  
Harding John   Royal Artillery  
Harding Robert   Royal Artillery  
Harding William   5th Foot  
Hardinge Henry   57th Foot Deputy Quartermaster General
Hardinge Richard   Royal Artillery  
Hardwicke William   4th Foot 45th Foot
Hardy James   31st Foot  
Hardy Thomas   29th Foot  
Hardy William   Deputy Purveyor  
Hardy  Samuel Henry 47th Foot  
Hardyman Robert   45th Foot  
Hare John   27th Foot  
Hare Michael   5th Foot  
Hare William   27th Foot  
Hare William Henry 51st Foot  
Hare (aka: Clarges) Richard  Goddard 23rd Foot  
Harford  (or Hurford) John   48th Foot 13th Royal Veteran Battalion
Hargrave Richard   58th Foot  
Harkness Thomas   79th Foot  
Harley John   47th Foot  
Harley John   47th Foot  
Harley Pharoah   40th Foot  
Harman George   82nd Foot  
Harnett  (or Harneth) John   27th Foot  
Harold John Casimer 14th Foot  
Harper  (Harpur) William   47th Foot  
Harpour George Crosby 67th Foot  
Harrington Joseph   Deputy Purveyor  
Harriott Thomas George Royal Staff Corps  
Harris Charles   3rd Dragoons York Chasseurs
Harris Harry  Bulteel 72nd Foot  
Harris Isaac Watkins 23rd Foot  
Harris James H. Deputy Purveyor  
Harris John   45th Foot  
Harris John   61st Foot  
Harris Thomas  Noel 13th Light Dragoons 18th Light Dragoons
Harris William   27th Foot 13th Royal Veteran Battalion
Harris William   Royal Artillery Drivers  
Harris William   16th Light Dragoons  
Harrison Anthony Robinson Royal Artillery  
Harrison Charles   53rd Foot  
Harrison Hugh   32nd Foot  
Harrison J. C. 23rd Foot  
Harrison James   Royal Waggon Train 10th Royal Veteran Battalion
Harrison John   1st Foot Guards  
Harrison John   16th Light Dragoons  
Harrison John Bacon 50th Foot  
Harrison John Mellish 38th Foot 9th Caçadores
Harrison John William 67th Foot 60th Foot
Harrison Joseph John Cro. 53rd Foot 3rd Dragoon Guards
Harrison Richard   81st Foot 30th Foot
Harrison Thomas   20th Light Dragoons  
Harrison Thomas   9th Foot  
Harrison William   53rd Foot  
Harrison William   38th Foot  
Harrison William   5th Dragoon Guards 36th Foot
Harrop James   28th Foot 16th Portuguese Line
Harrow Donald   71st Foot  
Hart Francis H. 39th Foot  
Hart H. S. 36th Foot 82nd Foot
Hart Henry   16th Foot  
Hart James Robert 92nd Foot  
Hart John  Blackburn 95th Foot  
Hart Thomas   32nd Foot  
Hartford Henry   59th Foot  
Harting Pierre   De Watteville’s Regiment  
Hartley Humphrey   61st Foot  
Hartley Thomas Robert 57th Foot  
Hartley William   7th Foot  
Hartley  Andrew   71st Foot 62nd Foot
Hartman William Henry 29th Foot  
Hartmann August   2nd KGL Line  
Hartmann Julius   KGL Artillery  
Hartmann Julius   KGL Artillery Portuguese Artillery
Hartshorn William   5th Foot 2nd Royal Veteran Battalion
Hartwig Carl   Brunswick Light Infantry  
Harvest Augustus   52nd Foot  
Harvest Horatio   43rd Foot  
Harvey Beauchamp   20th Light Dragoons  
Harvey Edward   Coldstream Guards  
Harvey James Vigors Coldstream Guards  
Harvey  Robert John 53rd Foot  
Harvey  Thomas John 66th Foot  
Harwood Edward   32nd Foot  
Harzig Friederich   1st KGL Line  
Hasker Thomas   23rd Foot  
Haslam Richard   5th Dragoon Guards  
Hasleham William Gale 48th Foot 34th Foot
Hassard Jason   88th Foot  
Hassard John   74th Foot  
Hassebroick Julius   KGL Engineers  
Hasselbach Friederich   3rd KGL Line  
Hassell J. G. Chasseurs Britannique 60th Foot
Hatch George   76th Foot  
Hatchell Christopher H. 76th Foot  
Hatzembuhler Georg A. Greek Light Infantry Assistant Adjutant General
Hauschildt James   2nd KGL Hussars  
Hausdorff Ludewig   2nd KGL Light  De Watteville’s Regiment
Hausing Adolph   2nd KGL Line  
Hausler Friederich   Brunswick Light Infantry  
Havelock Thomas   43rd Foot  
Havelock William   43rd Foot ADC
Haverfield John   Royal Artillery  
Haverfield John   48th Foot Assistant Quartermaster General
Haverfield William   43rd Foot  
Hawker Edmund M. Royal Artillery  
Hawker James   Royal Artillery  
Hawker Peter   14th Light Dragoons  
Hawker Samuel   14th Light Dragoons  
Hawker Thomas   20th Light Dragoons  
Hawkins Henry   3rd Foot Guards  
Hawkins John   62nd Foot  
Hawkins John P. 68th Foot  
Hawkins Joseph (William)   82nd Foot  
Hawkins Samuel   31st Foot 6th Portuguese Cavalry
Hawkins Thomas   23rd Foot  
Hawkshaw Edward   31st Foot 16th Portuguese Line
Hawkshaw John Stewart 31st Foot  
Hawksley Rutherford   95th Foot  
Hawksley William   12th Light Dragoons  
Hawley Benjamin Buck 51st Foot  
Hawtyn Joseph   23rd Foot  
Hay Alexander   50th Foot  
Hay Andrew   General  
Hay Andrew Leith 29th Foot 11th Foot
Hay Charles Peter 18th Light Dragoons  
Hay Edward Auriol 61st Foot 73rd Foot
Hay George   1st Foot  
Hay James   14th Light Dragoons  
Hay James   16th Light Dragoons  
Hay James   1st Foot Guards  
Hay James   7th Foot  
Hay James   52nd Foot 1st Foot Guards
Hay James   66th Foot  
Hay John   34th Foot  
Hay Phillip   18th Light Dragoons  
Hay Thomas   26th Foot  
Hay William   7th Dragoon Guards 47th Foot
Hay William   16th Light Dragoons  
Hay  William   52nd Foot 12th Light Dragoons
Haydon Robert Luscombe or Luckcombe 28th Foot  
Hayes Henry Browne 84th Foot  
Hayton Thomas   58th Foot  
Hayward George   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Hayward William   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Hazen Robert   60th Foot  
Head George   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Head Michael   General  
Healde R. T. 16th Light Dragoons  
Healey John   7th Foot  
Hearn Daniel James 43rd Foot  
Hearn William Marcus 44th Foot  
Hearne George Henry 4th Foot  
Hearne Henry  Thomas 81st Foot  
Hearne John J. 34th Foot  
Heathcote Cockshutt   Darbyshire Militia 53rd Foot
Heathcote Ralph   1st Dragoons Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General
Heatley Charles   50th Foot 15th Portuguese Line
Heatley Frederick Campbell 26th Foot  
Heatley John   83rd Foot  
Heaviside Richard   30th Foot  
Hebson Christopher   43rd Foot  
Hecken Ferdinand   De Watteville’s Regiment  
Hedderwick (or Hedderuck) William   24th Foot  
Heine Friederich   1st KGL Line  
Heine Henry   Staff Surgeon  
Heinemann Friederich   5th KGL Line  
Heise August   2nd KGL Light Brigade Major
Heise Christian   3rd KGL Hussars  
Heise Christoph   1st KGL Light  
Heise Gabriel Wilhelm 3rd KGL Hussars  
Heise Georg   KGL Artillery 2nd KGL Light
Heise Georg   4th KGL Line  
Heise Georg Arnold 2nd KGL Light  
Heise Otto   1st KGL Hussars  
Heise Wilhelm   1st KGL Dragoons  
Heitmuller Friederich   4th KGL Line  
Hely George Granby 11th Foot  
Hely James Price 57th Foot  
Hely John  Hutchinson (See J. H. Hutchinson)  
Hemans Alfred   4th Foot  
Hemmelmann Georg   5th KGL Line  
Hemming Frederick   44th Foot  
Hemns Daniel James 61st Foot  
Hemphill William   1st Foot  
Hemsworth Thomas (or John William) 56th Foot  
Hemsworth Thomas R. 31st Foot  
Hemsworth (or Emswroth) Henry   39th Foot  
Henderson Charles   71st Foot  
Henderson David   10th Foot  
Henderson Douglas Mercer 3rd Foot Guards  
Henderson Duncan   48th Foot 42nd Foot
Henderson George   5th West India Regiment 44th Foot
Henderson George Augustus 2nd Foot 2nd Provisional Battalion
Henderson George H. Royal Engineers  
Henderson James   92nd Foot 71st Foot
Henderson James   81st Foot  
Henderson John   7th KGL Line 1st KGL Light
Henderson John   91st Foot  
Henderson John   42nd Foot  
Henderson John William 50th Foot  
Henderson Robert   91st Foot  
Henderson William   1st Garrison Battalion 5th Foot
Henderson William   27th Foot  
Hendrick Charles   1st Foot  
Heneage Edward   3rd Foot Guards  
Henegan Richard Drake Assistant Commissary Field Trains
Henley Henry John 14th Foot  
Hennell George   94th Foot 43rd Foot
Hennen John   30th Foot Staff Surgeon
Hennessy Mathias   67th Foot  
Henry Alexander   58th Foot  
Henry David   9th Foot  
Henry George   7th Foot  
Henry Graham   36th Foot 14th Portuguese Line
Henry James   32nd Foot  
Henry James   74th Foot  
Henry Walter   66th Foot  
Henslowe Edward Prentis 15th Light Dragoons  
Hepburn Francis   3rd Foot Guards  
Heppenstall Leigh   88th Foot  
Herault Blasé   Dillon’s Regiment  
Herbert Arthur   3rd Foot  
Herbert Charles   Coldstream Guards  
Hering Johann Friederich 1st KGL Hussars 7th KGL Line
Heriot John   61st Foot 24th Foot
Heron Basil  R. Royal Artillery  
Heron (or Herron) Samuel   74th Foot  
Herrick Francis   37th Foot  
Herrick Henry M. 45th Foot  
Herries William Lewis Meuron’s Regiment ADC
Herring Robert   48th Foot  
Herring William   3rd Foot  
Hervey Felton Bathurst 14th Light Dragoons  
Hervey Frederick   20th Foot  
Hervey William Mundy 79th Foot 6th Portuguese Line
Heselbridge Thomas   58th Foot  
Hesketh Robert Bamford 3rd Foot Guards  
Hesleden Edmund   45th Foot  
Hesse Adolph   2nd KGL Line  
Hesse Charles   18th Light Dragoons  
Hesse Heinrich   1st KGL Light  
Hetherington Edward   76th Foot  
Hett Robert Hobart 95th Foot  
Heuer Rudolph   1st KGL Dragoons  
Hewan Michael   95th Foot  
Hewatt Richard   21st Foot  
Hewetson Henry   82nd Foot  
Hewett John   25th Light Dragoons 5th Dragoon Guards
Hewitt Isaac  Henry 6th Foot 24th Portuguese Line
Hewson George   24th Foot  
Hewson John   89th Foot  
Hext Samuel   83rd Foot  
Heydenreich Wilhelm   4th KGL Line  
Heydon William   12th Light Dragoons  
Heyland Arthur Rowley 40th Foot  
Heyliger Augustus   15th Light Dragoons  
Heyliger Peter Augustus 55th Foot 7th Light Dragoons
Heyward John   Chaplain  
Heywood Arthur   3rd Dragoons  
Heywood George   4th Foot  
Hibbert George   40th Foot  
Hibbert John Gray Royal Waggon Train  
Hibbert William   40th Foot  
Hicken Thomas B. 66th Foot  
Hickes Cyril   Royal Artillery  
Hickey (or Hickie) Bartholomew Fitzgibbon 41st Foot 13th Royal Veteran Battalion
Hickman George   Royal Horse Guards  
Hicks George   2nd Foot 92nd Foot
Hicks John   32nd Foot  
Hicks John Davis South Devon Militia 85th Foot
Hicks Joseph   10th Foot  
Hicks Richard   51st Foot  
Hicks William   39th Foot  
Hickson Thomas   4th Dragoons  
Hickson William   46th Foot 85th Foot
Higginbottom Joseph   34th Foot  
Higgins Matthew   48th Foot 4th Garrison Battalion
Higgins Summers   Staff Surgeon Deputy Inspector of Hospitals
Higgins Thomas   5th Foot  
Higginson Alexander   1st Foot Guards  
Higginson George Powell 1st Foot Guards  
Higginson James   10th Foot Brigade Major
Higginson Philip   87th Foot  
Hilditch Neil   Hospital Assistant Apothecary
Hill Arthur Moyses William 10th Light Dragoons 24th Light Dragoons
Hill Boyle   8th Garrison Battalion 32nd Foot
Hill Charles   50th Foot  
Hill Charles B. 10th Foot  
Hill Charles W. 77th Foot  
Hill Clement   Royal Horse Guards ADC
Hill Dudley St. Leger 95th Foot Royal West India Regiment
Hill Edward   Royal Horse Guards  
Hill Edward Embury 28th Foot  
Hill George   3rd Foot Guards  
Hill George   47th Foot  
Hill George   88th Foot  
Hill George Clarges (?) 44th Foot  
Hill Hugh   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Hill James Lewis 92nd Foot 41st Foot
Hill John   3rd Foot  
Hill John   92nd Foot  
Hill John   95th Foot  
Hill John Humphrey Edward 23rd Foot 5th Caçadores
Hill John Montgomery 43rd Foot  
Hill Joseph   27th Foot  
Hill Richard   45th Foot  
Hill Robert Chambre Royal Horse Guards  
Hill Rowland   General  
Hill Rowley (Edward Rowley) Volunteer 43rd Foot
Hill Samuel   71st Foot  
Hill Samuel   Chaplain  
Hill St Leger   3rd Dragoon Guards  
Hill Swan   1st Foot  
Hill Thomas   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Hill Thomas Noel 53rd Foot 13th Portuguese Line
Hill William   28th Foot  
Hill William   4th Foot Staff Surgeon
Hill William   3rd Portuguese Line  
Hill  William Henry 59th Foot  
Hill  William Hopkins Royal Artillery  
Hilliard Christopher   5th Foot  
Hilliard Henry   28th Foot  
Hilliard Morgan   5th Foot 87th Foot
Hilliard Robert   53rd Foot  
Hillier George   29th Foot Royal African Corps
Hilson Gavin   4th Dragoons  
Hilton Thomas   6th Dragoons 45th Foot
Hilton Thomas   Royal Waggon Train  
Hilton William  Legh 29th Foot  
Hincks George Powell 83rd Foot  
Hinde Samuel Venables General  
Hinde William   32nd Foot  
Hinds John   68th Foot  
Hingston James   83rd Foot  
Hingston Richard Thomas 87th Foot  
Hinuber Adolphus   68th Foot Assistant Adjutant General
Hinuber Henry   General  
Hipkins Robert   81st Foot  
Hippes Gustavus   5th Foot  
Hitchen John   30th Foot 13th Royal Veteran Battalion
Hoath Charles   20th Foot  
Hoath William John 74th Foot  
Hoatson John   Hospital Assistant  
Hobart George B. 28th Foot  
Hobart Paul Minchin 36th Foot  
Hobbs Thomas   92nd Foot  
Hobhouse Benjamin   57th Foot 69th Foot
Hobkirk Samuel   43rd Foot  
Hoblyn Francis   40th Foot  
Hobson Samuel Meade 58th Foot  
Hockley Charles William 58th Foot  
Hodder George   1st Foot Guards  
Hodder William   88th Foot  
Hodge Charles   24th Foot  
Hodge Edward   7th Light Dragoons  
Hodge  Peter   29th Foot  
Hodges Edward   Deputy Purveyor  
Hodges George Lloyd 61st Foot 3rd Dragoons
Hodges William Arthur 14th Foot 47th Foot
Hodges-Nugent George Stephen Nugent Assistant Commissary General  
Hodgkinson William   62nd Foot  
Hodgson Augustus Theodore 43rd Foot Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Hodson Alderson   4th Dragoon Guards  
Hodson Thomas  Ellis 4th Dragoons  
Hoe William   9th Foot  
Hoenes Jacob   1st KGL Dragoons  
Hoey William R. 18th Light Dragoons 99th Foot
Hogan Cornelius   59th Foot  
Hogan John   7th Foot  
Hogan William   88th Foot  
Hogg Alexander   6th Foot  
Hogg Fauntain (?)   26th Foot  
Hogg George   85th Foot  
Hogg Thomas   5th Foot 76th Foot
Hogg William   Staff Surgeon  
Hogg (or Hogge) John   20th Foot  
Hogreve Henry   2nd KGL Dragoons  
Hogton Daniel   General  
Holboon Charles   3rd KGL Hussars 10th Light Dragoons
Holbourne Francis R. T.  1st Foot Guards 7th Foot
Holburn  (or Holborne) Thomas   39th Foot  
Holcombe Harcourt Forde Royal Artillery  
Holdsen John Fish 7th Foot  
Holdsworth Samuel   82nd Foot  
Holebrooke John Tracey 1st Foot  
Holford James Price 52nd Foot 102nd Foot
Holgate Edward Milton 82nd Foot  
Holland Edward   Deputy Assistant Commissary General  
Holland Richard   88th Foot  
Hollaway William Cuthbert Elphinstone Royal Engineers  
Hollis William Henry 57th Foot  
Hollman  Charles   52nd Foot 8th Portuguese Line
Holmes Benjamin Hayes 36th Foot  
Holmes David   9th Foot  
Holmes Francis   60th Foot  
Holmes George   3rd Dragoon Guards Brigade Major
Holmes George   27th Foot Brigade Major
Holmes George   43rd Foot  
Holmes George W. 92nd Foot  
Holmes James   4th Dragoons  
Holmes John   Coldstream Guards  
Holmes Joseph   84th Foot  
Holmes Robert Pattison 23rd Foot  
Holmes Samuel   4th Dragoons  
Holmes Samuel   13th Light Dragoons  
Holmes Samuel   85th Foot  
Holmes Samuel   97th Foot  
Holmes Stephen   78th Foot 24th Foot
Holscher Wilhelm   2nd KGL Hussars  
Holt  Samuel   83rd Foot  
Holtzermann Ernst August 2nd KGL Light  
Holtzermann Friederich   1st KGL Hussars  
Holtzermann Gotlieb Thelo 1st KGL Light  
Home Alexander   2nd KGL Light  
Home Francis   3rd Foot Guards  
Home John   91st Foot 81st Foot
Home John   1st Foot Guards  
Home John   3rd Foot  
Home Rodham   42nd Foot  
Home  Francis J. Royal Artillery  
Homewood Edward   3rd Dragoon Guards  
Honeyman Mungo   Assistant Commissary General  
Hony Henry   51st Foot  
Hood Francis Wheeler 3rd Foot Guards Assistant Adjutant General
Hood George   43rd Foot  
Hood James   91st Foot  
Hood Nathan   34th Foot  
Hook Archibald   82nd Foot 11th Foot
Hook William Butler 40th Foot Cavalry Staff Corps
Hooper Henry   87th Foot Assistant Adjutant General
Hooper Richard  Wheeler 3rd Foot  
Hope Charles  John 95th Foot  
Hope James   92nd Foot  
Hope James Archibald 26th Foot 90th Foot
Hope John   General  
Hope John   General  
Hope John Charles 95th Foot  
Hopetoun, Hope (Earl of, see Sir John)      
Hopkins Charles   74th Foot 36th Foot
Hopkins Elers. Pernell 4th Foot Brigade Major
Hopkins Henry Lewis 5th Foot  
Hopkins John Paul 43rd Foot  
Hopkins Richard William 76th Foot  
Hopkins Samuel   Assistant Commissary General  
Hopkins William Randolph 5th Foot 27th Foot
Hopper Edward   82nd Foot 38th Foot
Hopper George   89th Foot  
Hopper William   38th Foot  
Hopper  J.   Assistant Commissary General  
Hopwood John   95th Foot  
Hopwood John D. 88th Foot  
Hopwood William   Royal Waggon Train  
Horan John   92nd Foot 1st Portuguese Line
Horan Thomas James 32nd Foot  
Horn Frederick   4th Dragoon Guards  
Hornby Charles   3rd Foot Guards  
Horne John   62nd Foot  
Horner Luke   10th Foot  
Horner M. C. 3rd Foot  
Horner Thomas   44th Foot Portuguese Adjutant
Hornet Richard Penfold Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Horsell Bartholomew   Royal Waggon Train  
Horsley John T. 58th Foot  
Hort Josiah George 81st Foot 12th Royal Veteran Battalion
Horton George  William 4th Garrison Battalion 71st Foot
Horton James   Royal Staff Corps  
Horton James   61st Foot  
Horton P. B. Posthumous 61st Foot  
Horton William   6th Foot  
Hosack James   23rd Foot Staff Surgeon
Hoskins Joseph   1st Foot  
Hotham Beaumont   Coldstream Guards  
Hotzen Friederich Georg Wilhelm 4th KGL Line  
Hough Henry   Royal Artillery  
Houghton Edward   5th Dragoon Guards  
Houghton Richard   3rd Foot  
Houlton George   43rd Foot  
Houston John Peter Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Houstoun William   71st Foot  
Houstoun William   General  
Hovenden Frederick   34th Foot  
Hovenden John   59th Foot 60th Foot
Hovenden Nicholas   59th Foot  
Hovenden Pierce   53rd Foot  
Hovenden Tarleton   90th Foot 95th Foot
Howard  Frederick   10th Light Dragoons  
Howard John   97th Foot  
Howard Kenneth (1st Earl of Effingham) Alexander General  
Howard Richard   59th Foot  
Howard Thomas   60th Foot 70th Foot
Howard Thomas Phipps 23rd Light Dragoons  
Howden (Lord: see Sir John Craddock) General  
Howe Thomas   34th Foot  
Howell John   61st Foot Staff Surgeon
Howells Jonathan   Royal Artillery Drivers  
Howie Thomas   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Howorth Edward   General  
Hoyer Ulrich   3rd KGL Hussars  
Hoyo Thomas   Royal Waggon Train  
Hoystead Frederick W. 59th Foot  
Huddlestone Charles A. 28th Foot  
Huddlestone John   34th Foot  
Huddlestone Lawson   28th Foot 40th Foot
Hudson Edward   23rd Foot  
Hudson James Elliot 6th Garrison Battalion 2nd Foot
Hudson James L. 39th Foot  
Hudson Richard   40th Foot  
Hue A.   Dillon’s Regiment  
Huggup Robert   7th Foot  
Hughes Charles   24th Foot  
Hughes Dennis   28th Foot 30th Foot
Hughes Hans Fowler 48th Foot  
Hughes James   18th Light Dragoons  
Hughes John   57th Foot  
Hughes John   30th Foot  
Hughes John Simpson 3rd Foot  
Hughes Patrick   39th Foot Staff Surgeon
Hughes Phillip James Royal Artillery  
Hughes Robert   30th Foot  
Hughes  William Johnston 39th Foot  
Hugo Ferdinand   7th KGL Line  
Hugonin James   4th Dragoons Brigade Major
Hull Edward   43rd Foot  
Hull George   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Hull James Watson 43rd Foot  
Hulme John Lyon Royal Engineers  
Hulse Richard   General  
Hulsemann Heinrich Friederich 1st KGL Light  
Hulton George   1st Dragoons  
Humbley Philip   66th Foot  
Humbley William   95th Foot  
Hume John Robert 79th Foot Staff Surgeon
Hume Thomas   Physician  
Humfrey Richard   56th Foot Staff Surgeon
Humfrey Thomas   62nd Foot  
Humfrey (aka Blake) Robert Blake 3rd Foot  
Humphrey Benjamin Geale 45th Foot  
Humphrey Christopher   29th Foot  
Humphrey George   27th Foot  
Humphrey John   29th Foot  
Humphreys Charles  Gardiner 14th Light Dragoons  
Humphreys Henry   48th Foot  
Humphries Christopher   57th Foot  
Hunicken  Johann Carl Christoph 1st KGL Line  
Hunt Arthur   Royal Artillery  
Hunt Charles F. 53rd Foot  
Hunt George   Chaplain  
Hunt John Philip 52nd Foot ADC
Hunt Michael   24th Foot 3rd Provisional Battalion
Hunt Richard   Royal Engineers  
Hunt Richard Burges Royal Artillery  
Hunt Robert   3rd Foot 57th Foot
Hunt Vere   4th Foot  
Hunt William   45th Foot  
Hunt William   57th Foot  
Hunter Hugh Edward 1st Foot Guards  
Hunter James   42nd Foot 63rd Foot
Hunter John   3rd Dragoons  
Hunter John B. 53rd Foot  
Hunter Peter   9th Foot 63rd Foot
Hunter Robert   18th Light Dragoons  
Hunter Stanhope   Deputy Paymaster General  
Hunter William   Coldstream Guards  
Hunter William   52nd Foot  
Huntley Joseph Martin 3rd Foot 78th Foot
Hüpeden Johann Christoph Rudolph 1st KGL Light  
Hurford William Lewin 23rd Foot  
Hurst James   47th Foot  
Hurst Robert   1st Foot Guards  
Hurt James   38th Foot 9th Light Dragoons
Hurtzig Friederich   6th KGL Line  
Hurtzig Heinrich Peter 6th KGL Line 2nd KGL Light
Husband Peter Benson 87th Foot  
Huson Charles   45th Foot  
Hussey George   38th Foot  
Hustler Robert Samuel Royal Engineers  
Huston James Steele Hospital Assistant  
Hutchesson Francis Pery Royal Artillery  
Hutchesson Thomas   Royal Artillery  
Hutchins Henry   Royal Artillery  
Hutchins Thomas   3rd Dragoons Brigade Major
Hutchinson  Henry Hely 1st Dragoon Guards 4th Portuguese Cavalry
Hutchinson John   94th Foot  
Hutchinson John Hely 1st Foot Guards  
Hutchinson Robert   Assistant Commissary Field Trains
Hutchinson Scroop   52nd Foot  
Hutchinson (aka Stavely) Thomas Kitchingham Royal Engineers  
Hutchinson (or Hutchison) Joseph   7th Foot  
Hutton Henry   28th Foot  
Hutton Thomas   4th Dragoon Guards  
Hutton William   2nd Foot 2nd Provisional Battalion
Huxley Charles   82nd Foot  
Hyde Frederick   4th Foot  
Hylton John   85th Foot  

Placed on the Napoleon Series: January 2009

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