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Lionel S. Challis's "Peninsula Roll Call": D'Aguilar, Charles to Dyneley, Thomas

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Last Name First Name Middle Name (s)
Regiment or Position
D’Aguilar Charles George 81st Foot Greek Light Infantry
D’Arcey Edward   43rd Foot  
D’Arcey William   13th Light Dragoons  
D’Arcy Dominick   47th Foot  
D’Arcy George   39th Foot  
D’Arcy Lewis   76th Foot  
D’Arcy Mark   40th Foot  
D’Arville Henry   Dillon’s Regiment  
D’Auberville Emanuel   De Watteville’s Regiment  
D’Erlach Maurice   Roll’s Regiment  
D’Olbreuse Daimier   Chasseurs Britannique  
D’Oyley Francis   1st Foot Guards ADC
D’Oyly Henry   1st Foot Guards ADC
D’Urban Benjamin   2nd West India Regiment Assistant Quartermaster General
Dabzac? Henry   45th Foot  
Dacre     2nd Foot Guards  
Dahmann William   83rd Foot  
Dakers Colin   28th Foot Staff Surgeon
Dalbiac James Charles 4th Dragoons  
Dalbiac John George 4th Dragoons ADC
Dale George Middleton 37th Foot  
Dale James   45th Foot  
Dale Richard   9th Foot  
Dale Richard   84th Foot ADC
Dalgairns (Delgairns) William   7th Foot 55th Foot
Dalhousie George   General  
Dalhunty Marcus   45th Foot  
Dallas Alexander R. C. Deputy Assistant Commissary General Assistant Commissary General
Dallas Robert William 9th Foot  
Dalling Edward   Coldstream Guards  
Dalling William Windham 3rd Foot Guards  
Dalmer Francis   23rd Foot  
Dalmer Thomas   23rd Foot  
Dalrymple Adolphus John 18th Light Dragoons 19th Light Dragoons
Dalrymple Charles   Deputy Commissary General Commissary General
Dalrymple Hew   General  
Dalrymple Leighton Cathcart 15th Light Dragoons  
Dalrymple Robert   3rd Foot Guards  
Dalton Aylmer   Chasseurs Britannique  
Dalton Edward Richard Chasseurs Britannique  
Dalton Francis   1st Life Guards  
Dalton John   4th Dragoons  
Dalton John   Royal Artillery Drivers  
Dalton Philip Tuite 9th Light Dragoons  
Dalton William Forster 28th Foot  
Dalwig Conrad   15th Light Dragoons  
Daly Francis Dermot 84th Foot  
Daly Peter Nugent 95th Foot  
Daly Thomas   47th Foot  
Daly Tully   Hospital Assistant  
Dalzell Robert   43rd Foot  
Dalzell Robert Alexander 1st Foot Guards 60th Foot
Damant Edward   38th Foot  
Damerun George   Assistant Commissary General Deputy Commissary General
Dampier L. William 40th Foot  
Dance Charles Webb 23rd Light Dragoons 6th Portuguese Cavalry
Dane Martin   4th Foot  
Daniel Holland   61st Foot York Chasseurs
Daniel John   Royal Artillery Drivers  
Daniel John   7th Light Dragoons  
Daniel Richard (Robert, R.)   11th Foot 18th Portuguese Line
Daniel Robert   30th Foot  
Daniell Cyrus   76th Foot  
Daniell Francis   Deputy Commissary General  
Daniell John Edgecombe Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Daniell Robert   7th Foot  
Daniell Walter   11th Foot  
Dankhearts John   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Dansey Charles Cornwallis Royal Artillery  
Dansey George Henry 88th Foot  
Darby Francis Joseph 10th Light Dragoons  
Darby Joseph   Royal Artillery  
Darcy Isaac Raboteau 60th Foot  
Darcy John   88th Foot  
Darley Edward   62nd Foot  
Darley Edward   39th Foot  
Darley James S. 20th Light Dragoons  
Darling Ralph   51st Foot  
Darling William Lindsay 51st Foot 2nd Garrison Battalion
Darroch Duncan   General  
Dashwood Charles   3rd Foot Guards  
Dauger John   11th Foot  
Daunt George Digby 97th Foot  
Daunt Robert Gumbleton 62nd Foot  
Davenport     Volunteer 36th Foot
Davenport Edmund   82nd Foot 18th Portuguese Line
Davenport William   58th Foot  
Davern John   88th Foot  
Davidson George   42nd Foot  
Davidson Sinclair   79th Foot  
Davidson William   85th Foot 4th Royal Veteran Battalion
Davie Robert   Royal Sappers and Miners  
Davies Charles Nice 53rd Foot  
Davies Daniel Owen Assistant Paymaster General  
Davies Daniel Owen 14th Light Dragoons  
Davies David   32nd Foot  
Davies Edward Phineas 82nd Foot 2nd Battalion of Detachments
Davies Francis John 52nd Foot 3rd Ceylon Regiment
Davies James Thomas Royal Artillery  
Davies Lewis   36th Foot  
Davies Peter   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Davies Richard   74th Foot  
Davies Rowland   44th Foot  
Davies T. B. 7th Light Dragoons  
Davies Thomas (J.) Henry, Hastings, (H.) 52nd Foot 1st Foot Guards
Davies William Hanbury 47th Foot 8th Foot
Davis George Lenox 9th Foot  
Davis Henry   9th Foot  
Davis James   2nd West India Regiment 47th Foot
Davis John Henry 1st Life Guards  
Davis Robert   67th Foot  
Davis Samuel   76th Foot 5th West India Regiment
Davis Thomas A. Assistant Commissary Field Trains  
Davison James   27th Foot  
Davison John   2nd West India Regiment  
Davison (Davidson) Alexander   34th Foot  
Daviss Henry   15th Light Dragoons 102nd Foot
Davy Charles William 29th Foot  
Davy Henry   Royal Engineers  
Davy William   66th Foot  
Davy William Gabriel 60th Foot 7th Garrison Battalion
Dawes David   68th Foot  
Dawkins Francis Henry 1st Foot Guards  
Dawkins Henry   Coldstream Guards Brigade Major
Dawn James   3rd Dragoons  
Dawson Charles   52nd Foot  
Dawson Francis   Royal Artillery  
Dawson Henry   52nd Foot  
Dawson Lionel Charles 62nd Foot 23rd Light Dragoons
Dawson Robert   45th Foot  
Dawson William   14th Foot 1st Foot Guards
Dawson William   2nd KGL Line  
Day Elisha   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Day George   1st Foot  
Day James   Royal Artillery  
Day John   34th Foot  
Day John   87th Foot  
Day John   11th Foot  
Dayman Charles   Chaplain  
De Dobschutz Augustus   Brunswick Light Infantry  
De Baecker John   Royal Waggon Train  
De Bathe William Plunkett 94th Foot 85th Foot
De Belleville Carl   2nd KGL Line Foreign Veteran Battalion
De Bels Charles   Assistant Commissary General  
De Bernegg John Sprecher 60th Foot  
De Bernewitz J. H. C. General  
de Bersi R.   De Watteville’s Regiment  
de Bersi Rudolph   De Watteville’s Regiment  
De Bosset Carl Philipp 2nd KGL Line Roll’s Regiment
De Bothmer Ferdinand   Brunswick Hussars  
De Braxein Ernst   Brunswick Light Infantry  
De Bredow W.   Brunswick Light Infantry  
De Bree Charles Chevalier 60th Foot  
De Brem Nicholas Philibert Chasseurs Britannique  
De Breunig (De Breuney) Anthony Francis   60th Foot York Light Infantry Volunteers
de Burgh James Florence 2nd Foot  
De Burgh John Henry 47th Foot  
de Burgh (de Borgh) Anthony Philip 60th Foot 11th Caçadores
De Ceuille Arnet Charles Chasseurs Britannique  
De Chaillet Rodolphe   Chasseurs Britannique Bourbon Regiment
De Chair (Delair) Henry   6th Foot  
De Chesse Jean   Dillon’s Regiment  
de Combremont A. Le Theur Chasseurs Britannique  
De Courcey Maurice   97th Foot  
De Courcy Gerard   70th Foot Military Secretary
De Courcy John   1st Foot Guards  
De Courton Armand   De Watteville’s Regiment  
De Damas Adolphe   Roll’s Regiment  
De Daubraya Edward Beyrimhof? 3rd Dragoon Guards 8th Caçadores
De Dornberg Friederich   Brunswick Light Infantry  
De Frager A. Hypollito 97th Foot  
De Fragstein Franz   Brunswick Light Infantry  
De Franciosi Charles Joseph 60th Foot  
De Francke Philip   15th Light Dragoons  
De Freuller Feridolin   Chasseurs Britannique  
De Gilse Frederick   60th Foot  
De Gingins? Louis   De Watteville’s Regiment  
De Grammont A.   10th Light Dragoons  
De Grey George   General  
De Guithermy? Francis   97th Foot  
De Hertzberg Friederich Augustus Brunswick Light Infantry  
De Hiller Charles   Dillon’s Regiment  
De Jonquieres Carl Friederich 2nd KGL Dragoons  
De Korfus Georg Ludewig Brunswick Light Infantry  
De Kruger Frederick Peter, Nicholas 60th Foot  
De La Bourdonnaye Edmund   De Watteville’s Regiment  
De la Briteche Alphonse   Chasseurs Britannique  
De la Ferrage Perron   Dillon’s Regiment  
De La Mothe P. Jacques De Watteville’s Regiment  
De la Pierre Samuel   De Watteville’s Regiment  
De la Terre (De Latre) H.   Dillon’s Regiment  
De Lacy John   48th Foot  
De Lahvbusch Friederich   60th Foot  
De Lancey William Howe Assistant Quartermaster General  
De Lichtervelden Philipp   5th KGL Line  
De May Gabriel   Roll’s Regiment  
De May Rudolphe   De Watteville’s Regiment  
De Melgneil Pierre Dupuy Chasseurs Britannique  
De Miniusser Nicholaus   1st KGL Light  
De Montalembert Mark Rene Assistant Quartermaster General  
De Montmorency (Morres) Raymond (Redmond) Hervey 13th Light Dragoons 9th Light Dragoons
De Muralt Rodolphe Abraham Chasseurs Britannique  
De Pinto J. A. Deputy Assistant Commissary General
De Planta Stephen   Roll’s Regiment  
De Platel Charles   Chasseurs Britannique  
De Ponchalen J. F. Chasseurs Britannique  
De Pontcarre C. (Camus0   Dillon’s Regiment 27th Foot
De Precorbin Silvain   Chasseurs Britannique  
De Prevot Joseph Felix Chasseurs Britannique  
De Proestler Friedrich Augustus Brunswick Light Infantry  
De Romance Godrey   60th Foot  
De Roos Arthur John, Hill, Fitzgerald 1st Foot Guards ADC
de Roverea Alexander   Sicilian Regiment ADC
de Roverea Louis   De Watteville’s Regiment  
De Ruvyne Charles Augustus 62nd Foot 20th Light Dragoons
De Salaberry Edward A. Royal Engineers  
de Salis Hector   Roll’s Regiment  
De Salve Peter   Brigade Major  
de Saulx Louis   Chasseurs Britannique  
De Schrader Ernst   Brunswick Light Infantry  
de Segur Jean   Chasseurs Britannique  
de St. George Silvain   Chasseurs Britannique  
de St. Laurent John   Royal Corsican Rangers  
De Starkenfels Heinrich La Roche 1st KGL Line  
de Steiger Albert Bernard Roll’s Regiment ADC
De Steiguer Albert   De Watteville’s Regiment  
de Sunhary Frederick   Chasseurs Britannique  
de Sury Amantz   Roll’s Regiment  
De Theron (Hypolite) Coute (Michel)   97th Foot  
de Tournefort Joseph B. Chasseurs Britannique  
De Vaux     Chasseurs Britannique  
De Visme Francis   51st Foot  
de Watteville Louis   General  
De Wendt Michael   60th Foot  
De Zolikofer Wilhelm Heinrich Brunswick Light Infantry  
Deacon Charles Parke Royal Artillery  
Dealy Charles   60th Foot  
Dean Robert   1st Life Guards  
Dean William   Royal Waggon Train  
Dean (Dean-Pitt) George   Royal West India Rangers 1st Provisional Militia Battalion
Deane John Thomas, Fitzmaurice 38th Foot  
Deane William   18th Light Dragoons  
Deane William Fitzmaurice 38th Foot  
Deane William G. Physician  
Dearis James   28th Foot  
Dearman John   36th Foot  
Dease James   Staff Surgeon  
Debbeig Henry   44th Foot Brigade Major
Debs Mathias   6th KGL Line  
Deighton William   14th Foot 50th Foot
Delacherois Nicholas   47th Foot  
Delamain Edward Smith 62nd Foot  
Delaney (De Lancey) James   9th Light Dragoons  
Delius Carl   7th KGL Line  
Delius Wilhelm   7th KGL Line  
Delmar John   28th Foot  
Delme Henry Peker 88th Foot  
Denecke Georg   2nd KGL Light  
Denecke Georg   2nd KGL Light  
Denham Dixon   23rd Foot 54th Foot
Dennis John C. 32nd Foot 2nd Battalion of Detachments
Dennis Thomas   Chaplain  
Dennis W.   Dillon’s Regiment  
Dennis William   Royal Artillery  
Denny John   10th Light Dragoons 62nd Foot
Denshire Charles   7th Light Dragoons  
Dent Abraham   59th Foot  
Dent Thomas   10th Foot  
Dent William   9th Foot  
Deppée Friederich   5th KGL Line 1st KGL Hussars
Deppen Hermann Norentz 5th KGL Line  
Derenzy George W. 82nd Foot  
Derenzy (Derinzy) Bartholomew Vigors 81st Foot Loyal Lusitanian Legion
Des Toeux Benfield   11th Light Dragoons  
Desailly John  (Joseph)   58th Foot  
Desbarres (Des Barres) Joseph Frederick 87th Foot  
Descars John   7th Light Dragoons  
Deshon Peter   43rd Foot 85th Foot
Despard Richard   Nova Scotia Fencibles 17th Portuguese Line
Despard William   7th Foot  
Dethick John   Hospital Assistant  
Dettmer David Friederich 2nd KGL Dragoons 1st KGL Hussars
Dettmering Carl   1st KGL Line  
Deuchar David   1st Foot  
Deunie Michael   7th Garrison Battalion 32nd Foot
Deunis John   5th Foot  
Develin Henry William 49th Foot  
Devey Henry Fryer 7th Foot  
Devonish J. A. 53rd Foot  
Dewes John   28th Foot  
Dewgard Richard   6th Foot  
Dibbley Henry   60th Foot  
Dicenta Francis   De Watteville’s Regiment  
Dick James   52nd Foot  
Dick Robert Henry 42nd Foot  
Dickens Frederick J. 12th Light Dragoons  
Dickens George Mordaunt Royal Staff Corps  
Dickens Henry Charles 34th Foot  
Dickens James   Deputy Commissary General  
Dickens Thomas B. Royal Waggon Train  
Dickens Thomas Mark Royal Engineers  
Dickenson Alexander   42nd Foot  
Dickenson Sebastian   Royal Engineers  
Dicker John   Royal Artillery Drivers  
Dickson Alexander   Royal Artillery Brigade Major
Dickson Francis   10th Foot  
Dickson Hugh   60th Foot  
Dickson Jeremiah   Assistant Quartermaster General  
Dickson John   97th Foot  
Dickson Richard Lothian 1st Life Guards  
Dickson (Dixon) George   Purveyor  
Diebell Wilhem   Brunswick Hussars  
Digby Henry Robert 52nd Foot 6th Garrison Battalion
Digby Robert   81st Foot  
Diggens Richard   11th Light Dragoons 5th Portuguese Cavalry
Diggle Charles   52nd Foot  
Diggle Thomas A. 95th Foot  
Dighton Robert   38th Foot  
Dilkes William Thomas General  
Dillon Edward   Assistant Commissary General Deputy Commissary General
Dillon John   1st Dragoons  
Dillon Robert   32nd Foot  
Dillon Thomas   39th Foot  
Dillon Thomas William 5th Foot  
Dillon Timothy   76th Foot 49th Foot
Dillon William   13th Light Dragoons  
Dillow Thomas   23rd Light Dragoons  
Dinar Augustus   Brunswick Light Infantry  
Dinwoodie Samuel   2nd Foot  
Dirom John Pasley 1st Foot Guards  
Disbrowe George   1st Foot Guards ADC
Disney Arthur   32nd Foot  
Disney Brabazon   11th Light Dragoons 23rd Light Dragoons
Disney Moore   General  
Dive Hugh   10th Foot  
Divie (Divir) John Hawkins 79th Foot  
Dix Thomas   57th Foot  
Dixon Francis   95th Foot  
Dixon Henry   15th Light Dragoons  
Dixon Henry   29th Foot  
Dixon John   Hospital Assistant  
Dixon John William 48th Foot  
Dobbin Robert Brown 66th Foot  
Dobbin William   27th Foot 3rd Caçadores
Dobbin (Dobbyns) Alexander   40th Foot  
Dobbins Leonard Henry 1st Foot  
Dobbs John   52nd Foot 5th Caçadores
Dobbs Joseph   52nd Foot  
Dobbs William   Volunteer 1st Foot
Dobbyn W. A. 5th Dragoon Guards  
Dobles Walter   Royal Artillery  
Dobree John Saumarez Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Dobson George   43rd Foot  
Dobson William Hanry 6th Foot  
Dodd Robert   51st Foot  
Dodgin Daniel   66th Foot  
Dodwell George   23rd Light Dragoons  
Dodwell James   5th Garrison Battalion 23rd Light Dragoons
Doelsing Charles   24th Foot  
Doherty George A. 13th Light Dragoons  
Doherty Joseph   13th Light Dragoons  
Doherty Patrick   13th Light Dragoons  
Dolbel John   18th Light Dragoons  
Dolphin Gregory   74th Foot  
Dolphin John   11th Foot  
Donahoe Daniel   44th Foot 10th Portuguese Line
Donahoo Thomas   38th Foot Staff Surgeon
Donald William   94th Foot  
Donaldson Andrew   44th Foot  
Donaldson Gordon George 1st Foot Guards  
Donaldson John   44th Foot 4th Royal Veteran Battalion
Donaldson John   71st Foot  
Donaldson Vance Young 57th Foot  
Donatti Louis   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Donavan Daniel   11th Foot  
Donavan Daniel   27th Foot 12th Portuguese Line
Donavan Lawrence   Deputy Commissary General  
Donellan Anthony. H. 58th Foot  
Donellan Charles   48th Foot  
Donkin Robert   82nd Foot  
Donkin Rufane Shawe General  
Donnelan Hugh S. 82nd Foot  
Donnelly William   Royal Artillery  
Donoghue Michael   81st Foot  
Donoughmore     1st Foot Guards  
Donovan Charles   1st Foot 27th Foot
Donovan Henry Douglas Volunteer 48th Foot
Doran James   59th Foot  
Doring Thomas Wilhelm 2nd KGL Light  
Dormer Evelyn P. 14th Light Dragoons  
Dorndorf Friederich   8th KGL Line  
Dornford Joseph   Volunteer 95th Foot
Dorville Philip   1st Dragoons  
Dorville Richard   7th Light Dragoons  
Dorville Thomas   1st Foot Guards ADC
Dougan H. Le Grange 4th Dragoon Guards  
Doughty Edward   Staff Assistant Surgeon  
Douglas Archibald   74th Foot 12th Light Dragoons
Douglas Archibald Murray 52nd Foot  
Douglas Charles   1st Foot 4th Garrison Battalion
Douglas Charles   59th Foot  
Douglas Charles Antoyne 51st Foot  
Douglas Howard   York Rangers Assistant Quartermaster General
Douglas Hugh   36th Foot  
Douglas James   45th Foot Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General
Douglas John Graham 52nd Foot  
Douglas John James, Scott 15th Light Dragoons  
Douglas Joseph   47th Foot 45th Foot
Douglas Neil   79th Foot Brigade Major
Douglas Robert   7th Light Dragoons  
Douglas Robert   Royal Artillery  
Douglas Robert   91st Foot  
Douglas Sholto   4th Light Dragoons 45th Foot
Douglas Sholto   50th Foot ADC
Douglas William   91st Foot  
Dow Edward   37th Foot Staff Surgeon
Dowbiggen Samuel   19th Foot 38th Foot
Dowbiggen William Henry 52nd Foot 12th Light Dragoons
Dowd James   62nd Foot Staff Corps Cavalry
Dowdall Patrick   31st Foot Brigade Major
Dowdall William   12th Light Dragoons  
Dowker Thomas   53rd Foot  
Dowles William   Deputy Commissary General  
Dowling Edward   Royal Artillery  
Dowling Joseph   66th Foot 73rd Foot
Dowling Thomas   87th Foot  
Dowman George   36th Foot  
Downes     Chaplain  
Downes     92nd Foot  
Downes Charles   40th Foot  
Downes Roger   48th Foot  
Downie John   Assistant Commissary General  
Downing Adam Gift 81st Foot  
Downing James   61st Foot  
Downing John   97th Foot  
Downman Charles J. Royal Artillery  
Downman Thomas   Royal Artillery  
Downman William   97th Foot  
Dowse John   Royal Artillery  
Dowson Joseph   14th Light Dragoons  
Dowson William   6th Dragoons ADC
Doyle Carlo Joseph 87th Foot 14th Garrison Battalion
Doyle Charles William General  
Doyle John   Volunteer 5th Foot
Doyle John   47th Foot  
Doyle John Milley 87th Foot 16th Portuguese Line
Doyle Michael T. 5th Foot  
Doyle William   27th Foot  
Doyne Richard   29th Foot  
Drake John   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Drake Thomas   95th Foot ADC
Drake William   23rd Light Dragoons  
Drake William Tyrrwhitt Royal Horse Guards  
Drake (Fuller) T. T., F., Elliott 52nd Foot  
Drangmeister Heinrich   2nd KGL Dragoons  
Draper Thomas   78th Foot Staff Surgeon
Drawater Augustus Charles 7th Foot 70th Foot
Drew Francis   45th Foot  
Drew Francis   48th Foot  
Drew J. H. 51st Foot  
Drew John Ringrove 27th Foot  
Drew Matthew   71st Foot Royal Waggon Train
Drew Richard   61st Foot  
Drewe E. W. 27th Foot  
Drewry Frederick George 5th Foot  
Drewry Nathaniel R. Royal Artillery  
Drinkwater Thomas   2nd Life Guards  
Driscoll Henry   67th Foot 100th Foot
Droegge Robert   2nd KGL Dragoons  
Drought Bartholomew E. 48th Foot  
Drought John Head 13th Light Dragoons  
Drumgold Nicholas (Nathaniel)   60th Foot 97th Foot
Drummond Archibald   3rd Foot  
Drummond Francis Hay Coldstream Guards  
Drummond George   95th Foot  
Drummond George Duncan 24th Foot  
Drummond George Duncan 95th Foot  
Drummond James   Coldstream Guards  
Drummond John   Coldstream Guards  
Drummond John McGregor 82nd Foot  
Drummond Percy   Royal Artillery  
Drummond William   3rd Foot Guards  
Drury Edward   5th Foot  
Drury John C. 5th Foot 3rd Garrison Battalion
Dryden James   2nd Life Guards Staff Corps Cavalry
Drysdale Alexander   27th Foot Calabrian Free Corps
Drysdale William   1st KGL Line  
Du Chatelet Maximilien   60th Foot  
Du Fay Friederich Wilhelm August 1st KGL Light 2nd KGL Light
Du Hautoy Alexis   Chasseurs Britannique  
Du Moulin James   60th Foot 97th Foot
Du Plat August   2nd KGL Light  
Du Plat Georg Carl August 4th KGL Line  
Du Vernet Henry   Royal Staff Corps  
Duberley James   11th Light Dragoons  
Dubourdieu Arthur   5th Foot  
Dubourdieu Saumarez   Royal Artillery  
Ducane Richard   20th Light Dragoons  
Ducat Dugald   Volunteer 91st Foot
Duckworth George Henry 48th Foot  
Dudgeon Peter   58th Foot  
Dudgeon Peter   66th Foot  
Dudgeon Ralph   71st Foot 2nd Battalion of Detachments
Dudgeon Robert   1st Foot  
Dudie T. A. 44th Foot  
Dudley Samuel   16th Light Dragoons 3rd Dragoon Guards
Dudreneuc Edward   81st Foot  
Dufaure Mark Joseph Chasseurs Britannique  
Duff Alexander   71st Foot  
Duff Alexander   88th Foot  
Duff Alexander Samuel 3rd Foot Guards  
Duff David   67th Foot  
Duff James   11th Foot  
Duff Robert   34th Foot  
Duffy John   43rd Foot  
Dufiet Armand Casimir, G. Chasseurs Britannique  
Dufiet Desire   Chasseurs Britannique  
Duguid William   29th Foot  
Duhigg Bartholomew Thomas 27th Foot  
Duigan Michael   89th Foot  
Duigan Philip   7th Foot  
Duke John William 48th Foot  
Dukenfield John Lloyd 1st Foot Guards ADC
Dukenfield Samuel George 7th Light Dragoons  
Dumaresq Thomas   Deputy Commissary General  
Dumaresq William John Royal Staff Corps  
Dumaresque Henry   9th Foot 3rd Garrison Battalion
Dunbar Alexander   42nd Foot  
Dunbar Robert Nugent 92nd Foot  
Dunbar William   66th Foot Brigade Major
Duncan Alexander   Royal Artillery  
Duncan Edward   59th Foot  
Duncan John   95th Foot  
Dunckley G. William 11th Foot  
Duncombe Francis   89th Foot 74th Foot
Duncombe Slingsby   1st Foot Guards  
Dundas Francis D. 81st Foot  
Dundas Lawrence   5th Foot Brigade Major
Dundas Robert Lawrence Royal Staff Corps  
Dundas Thomas   52nd Foot 1st Dragoons
Dundas Thomas Robert 81st Foot  
Dundas William Boden Royal Artillery  
Dundee Edward   Royal Waggon Train  
Dundee William   62nd Foot  
Dunkin John Henry 51st Foot 77th Foot
Dunkin Thomas   1st Dragoons 18th Light Dragoons
Dunkin Thomas   13th Light Dragoons 4th Dragoons
Dunlevie William   87th Foot  
Dunlop James   General  
Dunlop James   14th Foot 72nd Foot
Dunlop James   38th Foot  
Dunlop John Beresford 58th Foot  
Dunlop William   11th Foot  
Dunmore Thomas   Deputy Commissary General  
Dunn George   23rd Foot  
Dunn Henry   92nd Foot 23rd Foot
Dunn James   26th Foot  
Dunn John   Deputy Purveyor  
Dunn John   23rd Foot  
Dunn John   88th Foot  
Dunn John William 9th Light Dragoons 18th Light Dragoons
Dunn William   66th Foot  
Dunn William   Royal Artillery  
Dunne James   53rd Foot  
Duoel Georg Heinrich 1st KGL Light  
Duperier Henry   18th Light Dragoons  
Duperier Henry   10th Light Dragoons  
Durie John A. 92nd Foot 1st Battalion of Detachments
During Lewis Alexander Staff Corps Cavalry  
Durnford Anthony William 1st Foot Guards  
Durs David   9th Foot  
Dutheil Carl   Roll’s Regiment  
Dutton Thomas   6th Foot  
Duval David   De Watteville’s Regiment 81st Foot
Duval John   81st Foot ADC
Duvernette Francis   Royal Staff Corps  
Duxbery David   45th Foot  
Duxbury Thomas   85th Foot  
Dwelly Thomas   Coldstream Guards  
Dwyer John   6th Foot Staff Physician
Dyas Joseph   51st Foot  
Dyason William   7th Light Dragoons 4th Garrison Battalion
Dyer John   Royal Artillery  
Dyneley Thomas   Royal Artillery  

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