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Lionel S. Challis's "Peninsula Roll Call": Babington, Edward to Byrtt, William

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Last Name First Name Middle Name (s) Regiment or Position
Babington Edward   1st Foot
Babington John   14th Light Dragoons
Baby Daniel   24th Foot
Bace William   61st Foot
Bach W.   Brunswick Light Infantry
Backhouse Benjamin   23rd Foot
Backhouse John William 95th Foot
Backhouse Thomas   3rd Dragoons
Bacmeister Christian   4th KGL Line
Bacmeister Johann Wilhelm Lucas 5th KGL Line, Brigade Major
Bacmeister Julius   5th KGL Line
Bacon Anthony   16th Light Dragoons
Bacon Harry   Deputy Purveyor
Bacot John   1st Foot Guards
Badcock Lovell Benjamin 14th Light Dragoons
Baertling Friederich   1st KGL Hussars
Bagenall John Doyle 87th Foot
Bagenall Robert Sedley 87th Foot
Bagster William   Assistant Commissary General
Bagwell John   1st Dragoons, 4th Dragoon Guards
Bailey Charles   31st Foot
Bailey David   79th Foot
Bailey Henry G. 87th Foot
Baillie Alexander   20th Foot
Baillie Andrew   30th Foot
Baillie George Robertson Staff Surgeon
Baillie Mackay Hugh 43rd Foot
Baillie William   92nd Foot
Bainbrigge John Hankey 20th Foot
Bainbrigge Philip   93rd Foot, Assistant Quartermaster General
Baines Thomas Joseph 2nd Foot, 2nd Royal Veteran Battalion
Baird  David   General
Baird James   66th Foot, ADC
Baird John   53rd Foot, 36th Foot
Baird Patrick   77th Foot
Baird William   66th Foot
Baird William   1st Foot, 11th Foot
Baird William   59th Foot
Baker Arthur   5th Dragoon Guards
Baker Charles Massey? 14th Light Dragoons
Baker George   16th Light Dragoons
Baker George   Assistant Commissary General
Baker James Harrison 34th Foot
Baker John Robert 16th Light Dragoons
Baker Thomas William W. 4th Dragoons
Baker William   34th Foot
Bakewell J   47th Foot
Bakewell Robert   27th Foot
Balck Georg   7th KGL Line
Balcock (Baldock) William   95th Foot
Balderson John W. 4th Foot
Baldock Charles Robert Royal Artillery
Baldock John   79th Foot
Baldock Thomas   Royal Waggon Train
Baldwin Anthony   7th Foot
Baldwin Charles   58th Foot
Baldwin Charles   88th Foot, 36th Foot
Baldwin Connell James 83rd Foot
Baldwin Richard Nash 39th Foot
Baldwin Robert   71st Foot
Bale Anthony   38th Foot
Bale William   58th Foot
Balemann Heinrich   2nd KGL Light
Balfour James   53rd Foot
Balfour Jeremiah   79th Foot
Balfour John Magawley? 1st Foot
Balfour William   40th Foot
Balguy Henry   36th Foot
Ball Benjamin Marcus 39th Foot
Ball George   18th Light Dragoons
Ball Robert   68th Foot
Ball Robert   58th Foot
Ball Thomas B. 81st Foot
Ball Thomas Gerrard 34th Foot
Ball William Chichester 37th Foot, 85th Foot
Ballard Thomas A. 44th Foot
Balneavis Henry   27th Foot, Brigade Major
Balvaird William   95th Foot
Bamborough Thomas   76th Foot
Bamfield William   81st Foot
Bamford Thomas Bradgate 30th Foot
Bampton William   76th Foot
Banks Robert   Volunteer, 71st Foot
Barallier (Barralier) Joseph (Lewis) 71st Foot, 23rd Portuguese Line
Barbaz John Louis 60th Foot
Barber Samuel   8th Foot, 8th Portuguese Cavalry
Barckhausen Augustin   24th Foot, 6th Caçadores
Barclay David   42nd Foot
Barclay George   44th Foot
Barclay Robert   52nd Foot
Barclay Robert   71st Foot
Baring Friederich   1st KGL Light, Rolls Regiment
Baring Georg   1st KGL Light, 2nd KGL Light
Baring Georg   1st KGL Hussars
Baring Wilhelm   6th KGL Line
Barkeley James   95th Foot
Barker Collet   39th Foot
Barker George   48th Foot, 11th Foot
Barker Giles Diston? 51st Foot
Barker John   48th Foot
Barker Robert   74th Foot
Barker Samuel   11th Foot
Barker Thomas   4th Foot
Barlie (Buckle) C. (Charles) (R.) 52nd Foot
Barlow Cuthbert   66th Foot
Barlow Edward   Royal Artillery
Barlow Edward   53rd Foot
Barlow Frederick   61st Foot
Barlow George Ulrick 33rd Foot, 52nd Foot
Barnard Andrew Francis 1st Foot, 95th Foot
Barnard Charles Levyns 38th Foot, 1st Dragoon Guards
Barnes Edward   46th Foot
Barnes Hugh   71st Foot
Barnes James   Royal Horse Guards
Barnes John   13th Royal Veteran Battalion
Barnes (Barns) James Stevenson 1st Foot
Barnett Charles John 1st Foot Guards
Barnett John Henry 40th Foot
Barney George   Royal Engineers
Barney Richard   Assistant Commissary General
Barney William   Chasseurs Britannique
Barnwell Charles   45th Foot
Baron Richard John Royal Engineers
Baron (Barron) Peter Stone 34th Foot
Barr George   32nd Foot, 2nd Battalion of Detachments
Barr George William 32nd Foot, 2nd Battalion of Detachments
Barr John   28th Foot, Staff Surgeon
Barr Matthew   68th Foot
Barra Joseph   16th Light Dragoons
Barras William   9th Light Dragoons
Barrett Charles Reid 11th Light Dragoons
Barrett Edward   15th Light Dragoons
Barrett George Goodwin 4th Dragoons
Barrett John C. 52nd Foot
Barrett Thomas Bridges 1st Foot Guards
Barrington     3rd Dragoons, Staff Corps Cavalry
Barrington Charles   7th Foot, 60th Foot
Barrington Edward   5th Dragoon Guards
Barrington Henry   3rd Dragoons
Barrow Thomas   Coldstream Guards
Barry David   87th Foot
Barry David   87th Foot, 57th Foot
Barry Francis M. 83rd Foot
Barry John   4th Dragoons
Barry Joseph   87th Foot
Barry Philip   Royal Engineers
Barry Robert   44th Foot
Barry Thomas   87th Foot
Barry William McD. 40th Foot
Bartlett Spry?   2nd Foot, 61st Foot
Bartlett William Benjamin 57th Foot
Bartley George   50th Foot
Bartley John Metge 1st Garrison Battalion, 5th Foot
Barton Alexander   12th Light Dragoons
Barton Chambri Brabazon 2nd Life Guards
Barton Freeman   2nd Foot
Barton Frederic   24th Foot
Barton James Campbell 87th Foot
Barton Robert   2nd Life Guards
Barton Royston Bowyer 82nd Foot
Barton  (Burton) Richard   36th Foot
Barton (Burton) Alfred   39th Foot
Barttelot (Smyth) George (G.) (B.) Royal Artillery
Barwell Osborne   1st Dragoons
Basden Samuel Taylor 84th Foot
Basnet Henry   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Bass Philip   27th Foot
Bassett John   23rd Foot
Bate Frederick   Royal Artillery Drivers
Bateman Robert   5th Foot
Bateman Samuel (Daniel)   50th Foot
Bathurst James   60th Foot, Assistant Quartermaster General
Batt Thomas   2nd Foot, 2nd Battalion of Detachments
Battersby George Edward 23rd Light Dragoons
Battersby James   20th Foot
Batty John Aspine 27th Foot
Batty Robert   1st Foot Guards
Baumgarten Johann   1st KGL Light
Baxter Alexander   48th Foot, Staff Surgeon
Baxter Alexander Browne 43rd Foot
Baxter Benjamin   50th Foot
Baxter George   57th Foot
Baxter William   57th Foot
Baxter William   53rd Foot
Baxter William   Volunteer, 57th Foot
Baylaam William   Royal Waggon Train
Baylee Edmund   58th Foot
Bayley Charles Andrews 31st Foot, 36th Foot
Bayley Edward   76th Foot
Bayley Thomas   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Baylis Thomas   10th Foot
Bayly Frederick   Royal Artillery
Bayly Henry   51st Foot
Bayly Paget   7th Dragoon Guards, 2nd Garrison Battalion
Baynes George McCleod Royal Artillery
Baynes Henry   Royal Artillery
Baynes Thomas   39th Foot, ADC
Baynes Walter George Coldstream Guards
Beacham Richard   97th Foot, Staff Surgeon
Beale George   57th Foot
Beamish George   31st Foot
Beamish John Bernard 84th Foot
Beamish Samuel Bernard 84th Foot
Beamish (Bernard) Adderley  (A.) (B.) 31st Foot
Bean George   Royal Artillery
Bean (Bain) Patrick   38th Foot
Bear James   61st Foot
Beard George   39th Foot
Beardsley Samuel   51st Foot
Beaton Hugh   36th Foot, Royal African Corps
Beattie George   92nd Foot, 1st Battalion of Detachments
Beatty David   53rd Foot
Beatty John Welwyn (William) 7th Foot, 24th Portuguese Line
Beatty William   64th Foot, 12th Portuguese Line
Beauchamp Richard   16th Light Dragoons
Beaufoy Benjamin   27th Foot
Beaufoy John Henry 7th Foot
Beaumont Arthur Cuthbert 44th Foot
Beaven Edward   90th Foot
Beaven John   37th Foot
Beaven Samuel   45th Foot
Beaver Henry   27th Foot, 19th Foot
Beck Heinrich   7th KGL Line
Beck J. C. Royal Waggon Train
Becker August   4th KGL Line
Beckett Richard   Coldstream Guards
Beckford Francis Love Coldstream Guards
Beckham Thomas   43rd Foot
Beckwith Charles   95th Foot, Brigade Major
Beckwith Robert   95th Foot
Beckwith Thomas Sidney 95th Foot
Beckwith William   16th Light Dragoons
Bedell Walter Death 95th Foot
Bedingfield Francis   Royal Artillery
Beecher Abel   83rd Foot, 92nd Foot
Beere Henry   30th Foot
Beere Hercules   61st Foot
Beevor Robert   Royal Artillery
Begbie Thomas Stirling 82nd Foot
Begg Francis   61st Foot
Behne Ludewig   2nd KGL Light
Behoens Heinrich   1st KGL Hussars
Belair Nicholas   97th Foot
Belcher Robert Tresilian 32nd Foot
Belches Alexander Hepburn 3rd Dragoon Guards, 15th Light Dragoons
Belches (Belshes) John Murray 4th Foot, 59th Foot
Belhaven     85th Foot
Bell Alexander   45th Foot
Bell Alexander Jaffray 11th Foot
Bell Arthur   Staff Surgeon
Bell Edward Wells 7th Foot
Bell George   34th Foot
Bell John   52nd Foot, 4th Foot
Bell John   61st Foot
Bell John   84th Foot
Bell Samuel   3rd Dragoon Guards
Bell Thomas   1st Foot
Bell Thomas   48th Foot
Bell Thomas Richard 95th Foot
Bell William   Royal Artillery
Bellairs Henry   15th Light Dragoons
Bellairs William   15th Light Dragoons
Belli John Henry 16th Light Dragoons
Bellingham Henry Tennyson 4th Foot
Belson Charles Philip 28th Foot
Belson George John Royal Artillery
Belson Henry   50th Foot, 2nd Battalion of Detachments
Belson Samuel   Assistant Commissary General
Belstead Henry   65th Foot, 85th Foot
Belton John   3rd Dragoon Guards
Belton Robert   61st Foot
Belton Samuel   5th Foot
Belton Thomas   61st Foot
Bence Henry Bence 16th Light Dragoons, 60th Foot
Bennet Lewis Moore 4th Foot
Bennett Alexander Maxwell 5th Foot, ADC
Bennett Charles   Royal Artillery Drivers
Bennett Francis   95th Foot
Bennett James   Royal Artillery
Bennett John   3rd Foot Guards
Bennett John Townshend 77th Foot
Bennett Joseph   94th Foot
Bennett Joseph   28th Foot
Bennett L. H. 95th Foot
Bennett Thomas   47th Foot
Bennett Valentine   6th Foot, Sicilian Regiment
Bennett William   5th Foot
Benson George Thomas 3rd Foot
Benson James   9th Foot
Benssing Conway   66th Foot
Bent James   20th Foot
Bent John   5th Foot
Bent William Henry Royal Artillery
Bentham William   Royal Artillery
Benthien Wilhelm   6th KGL Line
Bentinck Charles   1st Foot Guards
Bentinck Charles Antonio Coldstream Guards
Bentinck Frederick   1st Foot Guards
Bentinck Henry John Coldstream Guards
Bentinck William Cavendish 20th Light Dragoons, 11th Light Dragoons
Bentley Charles   50th Foot
Benwell Thomas   4th Foot
Beresford John   88th Foot
Beresford William   31st Foot, Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General
Beresford William Carr General
Berford Richard   5th Foot, 2nd Foot
Berg Frederick   Brunswick Light Infantry
Berger Carl   5th KGL Line
Berger Christopher G. 60th Foot
Berger John   25th Foot, 1st Life Guards
Bergmann Ernst Heinrich August 2nd KGL Dragoons
Bergmann Georg   1st KGL Hussars
Bergmann Heinrich Wilhelm 1st KGL Hussars
Berkeley Augustus Fitzharding 10th Light Dragoons
Berkeley George Henry 35th Foot, Assistant Adjutant General
Berkeley Thomas   7th Foot
Berkeley (Calcott) George   43rd Foot
Bernard  Francis   9th Light Dragoons
Bernard Henry   84th Foot
Bernard John Warren 84th Foot
Bernard Thomas   2nd Foot
Bernard William Smith 67th Foot, 4th Dragoons
Berry Marlborough Parsons 3rd Foot
Berry Richard   44th Foot
Berry Titus   Staff Surgeon
Bertie Lindsey James 12th Light Dragoons
Bertles George   88th Foot
Bertles Henry   82nd Foot
Berwick John   44th Foot
Berwick William   101st Foot, 45th Foot
Bessard Peter   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Best Charles   2nd KGL Light, 8th KGL Line
Best Thomas Fairfax 1st Foot
Bethell J.   40th Foot
Betty Christ. Stewart 17th Foot
Betty John   27th Foot
Beurmann Carl   2nd KGL Line
Bevan Charles   28th Foot, 4th Foot
Bevan Samuel   92nd Foot
Beverley Charles William Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Beverley William R. 67th Foot
Beyer Frederick   Brunswick Light Infantry
Beyer John Otto 10th Foot
Bickerton John   Royal Waggon Train
Biermon Charles   Brunswick Light Infantry
Biggam Holmes   81st Foot
Biggar Alexander   85th Foot
Biggar Thomas   38th Foot
Biggs Henry   60th Foot
Biggs Thomas   29th Foot
Bignall Francis   27th Foot
Bihorell     Chasseurs Britannique
Billeb Carl   2nd KGL Line
Billing William   1st Foot
Bingham George Ridout 53rd Foot
Bingham Richard Tuberville 1st Foot Guards
Bingham William   Hospital Assistant
Binney Thomas   11th Light Dragoons
Birch George   10th Foot
Birch James   Royal Engineers
Birch John Francis Royal Engineers
Birch Robert Henry Royal Artillery
Bird Charles Elias 5th Foot, 37th Foot
Bird Henry   5th Foot
Bird Thomas   4th Dragoons
Birmingham John   27th Foot
Birmingham Robert   29th Foot
Birmingham Walter   29th Foot, 8th Portuguese Line
Birtwhistle John   32nd Foot
Bishop Charles Twistleton 16th Light Dragoons
Bishop Francis   Deputy Purveyor
Bishop J.   36th Foot
Bishop James   37th Foot, 45th Foot
Bishop Patrick (Peter?)   5th Foot, 40th Foot
Bishop Richard   5th Foot
Bishopp Cecil   14th Foot
Bissett John   7th Foot
Bissett John   Commissary General
Bisshopp Cecil   1st Foot Guards
Black Andrew   8th Foot, 2nd Foot
Black Ebenezer   10th Foot, Staff Surgeon
Black George   52nd Foot, 54th Foot
Black James   48th Foot
Black James   91st Foot
Black John   74th Foot
Black Tisdal   59th Foot
Black William   74th Foot
Blackadder Henry Horse? Hospital Assistant
Blackall Andrew K. 86th Foot, 53rd Foot
Blackall Robert   51st Foot
Blackett Christopher   18th Light Dragoons
Blackie R.   53rd Foot
Blackman John Lucie Coldstream Guards
Blackwell Nathaniel Sheppard 62nd Foot
Blackwell Thomas   36th Foot
Blackwood Robert Temple 52nd Foot, 56th Foot
Blainey John   91st Foot
Blair Edward   3rd Foot
Blair John   51st Foot
Blair William   5th West India Regiment, 67th Foot
Blair (Hunter-Blair) Thomas Hunter 91st Foot, ADC
Blake Andrew   7th Light Dragoons
Blake Andrew   88th Foot
Blake Giles Eyre 51st Foot
Blake Henry   66th Foot, 24th Portuguese Line
Blake John   16th Light Dragoons
Blake Joseph   85th Foot
Blake Robert   3rd Foot
Blake William Williams 20th Light Dragoons
Blakeley Henry   Staff Corps Cavalry
Blakeman John   6th Foot
Blakeney Edward   7th Foot
Blakeney Henry Pearse 66th Foot
Blakeney John   44th Foot
Blakeney Robert   28th Foot, 36th Foot
Blakiston John   87th Foot, 27th Foot
Blanckley Henry Stanyford? 23rd Foot
Bland Humphrey Dalrymple 47th Foot
Blaney Andrew   General
Blanshard Thomas   Royal Engineers
Blantyre Robert   42nd Foot
Blaquiere George   Assistant Quartermaster General
Blaquiere John   83rd Foot
Blassiere Frederick Peter 60th Foot
Blatchely Charles   Royal Artillery
Blatchely Henry   Royal Artillery
Blatchford (Blackford) John   14th Light Dragoons
Blemur     Chasseurs Britannique
Bligh Thomas   Coldstream Guards
Bloeme Felix   Royal Waggon Train
Blois Charles   1st Dragoons
Blomer Charles   31st Foot
Blomfield Edwin   10th Foot
Blood John A. 59th Foot, 68th Foot
Blood Michael   82nd Foot
Blood Thomas   6th Foot
Blood William   32nd Foot
Bloomfield Charles   83rd Foot
Bloomfield James Henry 51st Foot
Bloomfield John   Royal Artillery
Bloomfield Rochfort   20th Foot
Bloomfield Valentine   48th Foot
Blottnitz Carl   Brunswick Light Infantry
Bloxham Robert   83rd Foot
Blumenhagen Friederich Gottfried Ludewig 2nd KGL Line, 1st KGL Hussars
Blundell John   7th Foot
Blundell John D. Royal Artillery
Blunden Overington   12th Light Dragoons
Blunt Francis Scawen 1st Foot Guards
Blunt Richard   General
Blyth David   6th Foot
Blyth John Willis Royal Artillery Drivers
Blythe Robert   71st Foot
Boardmann John   60th Foot
Boase John   32nd Foot
Boates Henry Ellis Royal Horse Guards
Bodecker Rudolph   1st KGL Line
Boden Anton Eberhard Carl 6th KGL Line, 3rd KGL Line
Boden Georg   2nd KGL Light
Body George   11th Light Dragoons
Boggie John   45th Foot, 28th Foot
Boggie Thomas   83rd Foot
Bogle James   94th Foot
Bogue John   94th Foot
Bogue Richard   Royal Artillery
Bohn Johann   7th KGL Line
Boidin John Baptiste De Watteville’s Regiment
Boisleve Charles   Dillon’s Regiment 
Boissot Ferdinand   Chasseurs Britannique
Boldero Lonsdale   1st Foot Guards
Bolton Abraham   Deputy Inspector of Hospitals
Bolton Anthony   23rd Light Dragoons
Bolton Charles William (Edward?) 5th Foot
Bolton Daniel   Royal Engineers
Bolton Edward Chichester 62nd Foot, 96th Foot
Bolton George   9th Foot
Bolton George   14th Foot
Bolton Philip   29th Foot
Bolton Robert Dawson 14th Light Dragoons
Bolton Robert Henry 62nd Foot
Bolton Samuel   31st Foot
Bolton Samuel   Royal Artillery
Bolton Thomas   1st Dragoons, 1st Foot
Bolton William   68th Foot
Bonaney John   6th Foot
Bond Norman J. 39th Foot
Bond Richard   Deputy Purveyor
Bone Hugh   5th Foot, 6th Foot
Bone Peter Joseph 36th Foot
Bonomi Charles   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Bontein Edward Trant 1st Life Guards
Bontein John Pitt 11th Light Dragoons
Boocock John J. Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Booker Gordon (Gregory) William 23rd Foot
Bootby Charles   Royal Engineers
Boote James   23rd Foot
Booth Charles   52nd Foot
Booth Charles   Royal Sappers and Miners
Booth George   40th Foot, 48th Foot
Booth Henry   43rd Foot
Booth James   59th Foot, 8th Royal Veteran Battalion
Booth Thomas   58th Foot
Booth William   95th Foot, 15th Light Dragoons
Booth William   Deputy Assistant Commissary General, Assistant Commissary General
Boott Kirk   49th Foot, 85th Foot
Booty W. H. 97th Foot, Staff Surgeon
Borchers Daniel   2nd KGL Hussars
Boreham George   13th Royal Veteran Battalion
Borlase Charles   2nd Foot
Borthwick William   General
Bosewell John   Coldstream Guards
Bosewiel Adolph   2nd KGL Light
Boss George   9th Light Dragoons
Bosse     Brunswick Light Infantry
Boteler Richard   Royal Engineers
Bothe Friederich   7th KGL Line, KGL Garrison Company
Bott Charles   Royal Waggon Train
Bouchier Richard James 36th Foot
Bouchier Thomas   34th Foot, 57th Foot
Bourchier Daniel Macnamara Royal Artillery
Bourchier James Claudius 11th Light Dragoons
Bourke Charles T. 48th Foot, 100th Foot
Bourke Richard   Assistant Quartermaster General
Bourne William H. 87th Foot, 82nd Foot
Boussingault Pierre F. Louis Chasseurs Britannique
Boutaud     Dillon’s Regiment
Boutflower Charles   40th Foot, Staff Surgeon
Bouverie Everand William Royal Horse Guards
Bouverie Henry Frederick Coldstream Guards, ADC
Bowater Edward   3rd Foot Guards
Bowden William Cary 2nd Foot
Bowen Arthur   90th Foot, ADC
Bowen Edward Cole 40th Foot
Bowen Hugh   89th Foot, 41st Foot
Bowen John Watts 10th Foot, Calabrian Free Corps
Bowen Stephen C. 4th Royal Veteran Battalion, 39th Foot
Bowen Thomas   10th Light Dragoons
Bower William   50th Foot
Bowers Mansell   13th Light Dragoons, 48th Foot
Bowes Barnard Foord General
Bowlby Peter   4th Foot
Bowles Charles   83rd Foot
Bowles George   Coldstream Guards
Bowles Henry   81st Foot
Bowles John   28th Foot
Bowles Thomas Hume Deputy Purveyor
Bowman David   91st Foot
Bowman William Flockhart Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Bown John B. 39th Foot
Boyce Charles   Assistant Commissary General
Boyce Henry Pytches 3rd Foot Guards
Boyce John   36th Foot
Boyce Samuel   31st Foot
Boyce William   2nd Life Guards
Boyd Alexander   Hospital Assistant
Boyd Edward   Royal Staff Corps
Boyd George   1st KGL Line
Boyd Hygatt   4th Foot
Boyd James   9th Foot
Boyd John   82nd Foot
Boyd John   5th Foot
Boyd Thomas   1st Foot
Boyd Thomas   4th Dragoon Guards
Boyd William   3rd Foot
Boyer Ludewig   7th KGL Line
Boyes George Thomas, William, Blaney Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Boyes James Watson 4th Garrison Battalion, 85th Foot
Boyes Robert   Assistant Commissary General, Deputy Commissary General
Boyes Robert Nairne 85th Foot, 6th Foot
Boyes Thomas   26th Foot
Boyes Thomas William 26th Foot
Boyle Alexander   62nd Foot, Staff Surgeon
Boyle James   31st Foot
Boyle Patrick R. Royal Artillery Drivers
Boyle Robert   42nd Foot
Boyle William   27th Foot
Boys Edmund (Edward) French 45th Foot
Boys Henry   Assistant Paymaster General
Boys John Paramor Deputy Paymaster General
Boys Thomas   43rd Foot, Royal West India Rangers
Boyse Jaques   32nd Foot
Boyse Shapland   13th Light Dragoons
Brabazon Nicholas Colthurst 83rd Foot
Brackenbury Edward   61st Foot, 15th Portuguese Line
Brackenbury Thomas Carr 87th Foot
Brackenbury William   61st Foot
Bradburne Edward   3rd Dragoon Guards
Bradbey Joseph   28th Foot
Braddell John Armstead 36th Foot
Braddyll Thomas   Coldstream Guards
Bradford Henry Hollis 4th Foot, 9th Garrison Battalion
Bradford Keating James 3rd Foot Guards
Bradford Thomas   General
Bradford William   Chaplain
Bradley Nicholas Phineas Royal Artillery
Bradnock George   Assistant Commissary General
Bradshaw Francis George 5th Dragoon Guards
Bradshaw George   5th Dragoon Guards, 22nd Light Dragoons
Bradshaw George Paris 77th Foot
Bradshaw Henry Flint Deputy Purveyor
Bradshaw James   Coldstream Guards
Brady Felix   10th Foot
Brady James   26th Foot
Brady James   93rd Foot
Brady (Richardson) William Stewart, Richardson Life Guards
Bragge William   3rd Dragoons
Brahan Henry   83rd Foot
Brahan John   83rd Foot
Bramwell John   43rd Foot
Brand (Trevor) (Dacres) Henry Otway Coldstream Guards
Brander Alexander   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Brander James   42nd Foot
Brandes     Brunswick Light Infantry
Brandes Christian Louis Staff Surgeon
Brandreth Thomas Alston Royal Artillery
Branfill Champion Edward 3rd Dragoons
Brannan Charles Myler 14th Foot
Braun Georg   2nd KGL Dragoons
Braun Johann   2nd KGL Line
Braun William   KGL Artillery, 4th Portuguese Artillery
Brauns Sigismund   8th KGL Line
Bray George   26th Foot, 5th Dragoon Guards
Braybrook William   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Bredin Andrew   Royal Artillery
Breedon John Symmonds 7th Light Dragoons
Bremer Carl   3rd KGL Hussars
Bremner Alexander   3rd Foot
Bremner James   40th Foot
Brenan Robert   3rd Foot, 1st Royal Veteran Battalion
Brennan Justin   7th Foot
Brereton Henry   4th Foot
Brereton William   Royal Artillery
Breton Noble   36th Foot
Brett Edward   30th Foot
Brett Spencer P. Royal Artillery
Brewsher Edward   81st Foot
Breymann Frederich Leopold 2nd KGL Line
Breymann Georg   1st KGL Light
Brice Alexander Adair 23rd Foot, ADC
Brice George Tito 3rd Dragoon Guards
Brickell James   24th Foot
Bridgeland Thomas   28th Foot
Bridgeman Orlando   1st Foot Guards, ADC
Bridger James   20th Light Dragoons
Bridger James Paul 12th Light Dragoons
Bridges Charles   1st Dragoons
Bridges Edward Jacob Royal Artillery
Bridges John   77th Foot
Brierley Samuel   57th Foot
Brierly William   77th Foot
Briggs Abraham   58th Foot
Briggs John   58th Foot
Briggs John Falconer 28th Foot
Bright Henry   87th Foot
Brinckmann Julius   8th KGL Line
Brine James   39th Foot
Bringhurst John Dorset 1st Dragoon Guards, ADC
Brisac George Henry Commissary
Brisac George William, Augustus 30th Foot
Brisbane Thomas   52nd Foot
Brisbane Thomas Makdougall General
Briscall Samuel   Chaplain
Briscoe Edward   97th Foot
Bristow (Bristow) Henry   11th Foot, Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General
Bristowe William   71st Foot
Broad Richard   1st Foot, 47th Foot
Broadfoot Alexander   Sicilian Regiment
Broadhurst John   15th Light Dragoons
Brock George   57th Foot
Brock George   1st Foot, 32nd Foot
Brock James Loftus 85th Foot, 6th Foot
Brock Saumarez   43rd Foot
Brock William   27th Foot
Brockman Henry Lynch, Drake 43rd Foot, 1st Battalion of Detachments
Broderick Edward   34th Foot
Broderick Henry   29th Foot
Brodie     Chaplain
Brodrick John   General
Broemson Otto   Brunswick Light Infantry
Broety? Peter   60th Foot, 13th Royal Veteran Battalion
Brohier Cyrus   58th Foot
Brohier John Boyle 59th Foot
Broke Charles   5th Foot, Assistant Quartermaster General
Broke Horatio George 52nd Foot, 58th Foot
Brome William Waldron 10th Foot, Brigade Major
Bromhead John   77th Foot
Bromley Walter   23rd Foot
Brook Joshua   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Brook Thomas   51st Foot
Brooke     Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Brooke Arthur   44th Foot
Brooke Francis   4th Foot
Brooke George Charles 20th Foot
Brooke Henry   5th Dragoon Guards
Brooke John B. 48th Foot
Brooke John Edward 30th Foot
Brooke Prittie? (Richard) Richard (P.) 18th Light Dragoons, 22nd Light Dragoons
Brooke Thomas   1st Foot
Brooke W. H. 48th Foot
Brooke William   48th Foot
Brooke William   5th Dragoon Guards
Brookes Henry William 32nd Foot
Brookes James   29th Foot
Brookes John   26th Foot
Brookes Robert   9th Foot
Brookes William M. 87th Foot
Broomfield Joseph   38th Foot
Brotheridge Thomas   48th Foot
Brotherton Thomas William 14th Light Dragoons, 3rd Dragoon Guards
Broughton Christopher   76th Foot
Broughton Robert Edwards 9th Foot, 3rd Foot
Broughton Samuel   2nd Life Guards
Brown Andrew   79th Foot
Brown Anthony   66th Foot
Brown Charles   79th Foot
Brown Charles   50th Foot
Brown Ebenezer   Staff Surgeon, Deputy Inspector of Hospitals
Brown Evan M. 23rd Foot
Brown Frederick   3rd Foot, 4th Dragoon Guards
Brown George   43rd Foot, 1st Battalion of Detachments
Brown Henry   59th Foot
Brown Henry Libbs Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Brown John   27th Foot, 46th Foot
Brown John   82nd Foot
Brown John Frederick 28th Foot
Brown John Murray 48th Foot, 13th Portuguese Line
Brown Joseph   50th Foot
Brown Joseph   57th Foot, Staff Corps Cavalry
Brown Nicholas   81st Foot
Brown Peter   23rd Foot, 13th Portuguese Line
Brown Richard Jebb? 59th Foot, Staff Surgeon
Brown Robert   Staff Surgeon
Brown Samuel   York Light Infantry Volunteers
Brown Thomas   1st Foot Guards
Brown Thomas   79th Foot
Brown William   39th Foot
Brown William   74th Foot
Brown (Braun?) Gustavus   60th Foot, 2nd Caçadores
Browne Alexander   51st Foot
Browne Andrew   9th Foot
Browne Arthur Piggott 50th Foot
Browne Charles   40th Foot
Browne David   57th Foot, 1st Garrison Battalion
Browne Fielding   40th Foot
Browne Frederick Harvey Chaplain
Browne George   Royal Artillery
Browne George   23rd Foot
Browne Henry   53rd Foot
Browne John   4th Foot, 1st Portuguese Line
Browne Michael   40th Foot
Browne Nicholas   10th Light Dragoons
Browne Richard   5th Foot
Browne Richard Robert 88th Foot
Browne Robert Francis, Melville 40th Foot, ADC
Browne Thomas   40th Foot
Browne Thomas   39th Foot, 13th Royal Veteran Battalion
Browne Thomas Henry 23rd Foot, Deputy Assistant Adjutant General
Browning Thomas   68th Foot
Brownlow W.   6th Foot
Brownrigg David   52nd Foot
Brownrigg David   Staff Surgeon
Brownrigg Robert   52nd Foot
Brownson William Henry 23rd Foot
Bruce Charles   39th Foot
Bruce Edward John 60th Foot
Bruce James Robertson Royal Artillery
Bruce Samuel Barnwell Apothecary
Bruce William   37th Foot
Bruce William   79th Foot
Bruft James Alexander 83rd Foot, Staff Surgeon
Bruggemann Casper Heinrich 7th KGL Line
Bruggemann Heinrich   3rd KGL Hussars
Brugh Adam   44th Foot
Brunker James   5th Dragoon Guards
Brunskill John   5th Dragoon Guards
Brunton Richard   43rd Foot, 60th Foot
Brush Henry   44th Foot
Bryan George   Coldstream Guards
Bryant John Valentine 44th Foot, 91st Foot
Brydges John William, Egerton 14th Light Dragoons
Bryett James Theodore 40th Foot, 12th Royal Veteran Battalion
Bubb Anthony   61st Foot
Buchan James   Physician
Buchan John   General
Buchanan Campbell   47th Foot
Buchanan James   3rd Foot Guards
Buchanan James Armstrong 4th Foot
Buchanan John   43rd Foot
Buchanan John Phillips 16th Light Dragoons
Buchanan Rudulphus   13th Light Dragoons
Buchanan William   32nd Foot
Buchanan William E. 82nd Foot
Buchanan William Theophilus 13th Light Dragoons
Buckall Richard   Assistant Paymaster General
Buckby Richard   58th Foot
Buckeridge John Charles Coldstream Guards
Buckle Charles R. 52nd Foot
Buckley Edward Pery 1st Foot Guards
Buckley James Ogden 15th Light Dragoons
Buckley William   1st Foot
Buckner Richard   Royal Artillery
Budd Thomas   28th Foot, 19th Portuguese Line
Budgeon John Robert 95th Foot
Buhse Georg   5th KGL Line
Buist Richard   20th Foot
Bulkeley Thomas   9th Foot, 48th Foot
Bull Robert   Royal Artillery
Bullen Joseph   Assistant Commissary General
Bullen Richard   66th Foot
Buller H. G. 88th Foot
Bullevant John   76th Foot
Bullock Morgan   11th Light Dragoons
Bulstrode Augustus   66th Foot
Bulteel John   1st Foot Guards
Bunbury Jervis? (George?)   Volunteer, 94th Foot
Bunbury Ralph   95th Foot
Bunbury Thomas   3rd Foot, 91st Foot
Bunbury William Henry 3rd Foot, 1st Battalion of Detachments
Bunn Benjamin   39th Foot
Bunney Robert   6th Foot
Bunny John   76th Foot
Bunworth Peter   Volunteer, 88th Foot
Bunworth Richard   88th Foot
Burchall Hugh   50th Foot
Burd Samuel   61st Foot
Burdett Jerome   34th Foot
Burer Gabriel   71st Foot, 37th Foot
Burges Samuel William 1st Foot Guards
Burgess Francis   83rd Foot
Burgess James   6th Foot
Burgess Richard   40th Foot
Burgess Wentworth Noel 52nd Foot, Coldstream Guards
Burgh Alexander   39th Foot
Burgh Ulysses   92nd Foot, ADC
Burghaagen Edward   60th Foot
Burghersh John   3rd Dragoon Guards, Deputy Assistant Adjutant General
Burgoyne Grange A. 20th Light Dragoons, Bourbon Regiment
Burgoyne John Fox Royal Engineers
Burke Edmund   16th Light Dragoons
Burke Edward   18th Light Dragoons
Burke H.   48th Foot
Burke James   2nd Foot
Burke James Travers Volunteer, 74th Foot
Burke John   38th Foot
Burke John   23rd Light Dragoons, 16th Light Dragoons
Burke Joseph   97th Foot, 95th Foot
Burke Patrick John 7th Foot
Burke Patrick W. 97th Foot
Burke Richard   45th Foot
Burke Stephen   37th Foot
Burke Stephen   47th Foot
Burke Thomas   4th Foot
Burke (Bourke) Richard   3rd Foot
Burke (de Burgh) James (Florence) 44th Foot
Burmeister Michael Henry 66th Foot, Staff Surgeon
Burn Henry   27th Foot
Burn William   9th Foot, 3rd Dragoons
Burn William   4th Dragoon Guards
Burn (Brown) Henry (H.) John (J.) 28th Foot
Burnaby John Dick 1st Foot Guards
Burnaby Richard   77th Foot
Burnall John   Apothecary, Staff Surgeon
Burne James   48th Foot
Burne Lawford   3rd Dragoon Guards
Burne Robert   General
Burnell George   6th Foot
Burnet John   16th Light Dragoons
Burnett Alexander   42nd Foot
Burnett B. B. 3rd Dragoons
Burnett William   9th Foot
Burney William   44th Foot
Burns J.   Volunteer, 95th Foot
Burns John   Volunteer, 95th Foot
Burrard Harry   General
Burrard Paul Harry, Durell 1st Foot Guards, ADC
Burrard William   1st Foot Guards
Burrell James   50th Foot
Burrell John   6th Foot, 85th Foot
Burrell William George 79th Foot
Burroes John   52nd Foot
Burroughes George F. 24th Foot, 1st Dragoons
Burroughs William   Coldstream Guards
Burrowes Arnold   3rd Foot Guards, ADC
Burrowes Francis   Deputy Inspector of Hospitals
Burrowes Kildare   28th Foot, 103rd Foot
Burrowes Robert   4th Dragoons
Burrows Francis   Deputy Inspector of Hospitals
Burrows Johnston   47th Foot
Burt James   Hospital Assistant
Burton Francis   36th Foot, 4th Foot
Burton John Curzun Royal Artillery
Burton Judge   76th Foot
Burton Richard   58th Foot
Burton Robert Haly 7th Foot, 13th Royal Veteran Battalion
Bury Augustus Frederick 1st Foot Guards
Bury George   88th Foot, 6th Garrison Battalion
Bush Elijah   14th Light Dragoons
Bushe Richard   7th Foot, 4th Portuguese Line
Bushell John   4th Foot
Butcher John   6th Foot
Butcher John   Assistant Commissary General
Butcher John Lewis 71st Foot
Butler Charles Harward 14th Light Dragoons
Butler Henry Edward 98th Foot, 4th Garrison Battalion
Butler James   40th Foot, 18th Portuguese Line
Butler John   67th Foot
Butler John Butler Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Butler John O’Bryon 32nd Foot
Butler Pierce   52nd Foot
Butler Richard   91st Foot
Butler Richard   95th Foot
Butler Robert   1st Foot
Butler Robert   23rd Foot, 47th Foot
Butler Theobald   87th Foot
Butler Theobald   32nd Foot
Butler Theophilus   4th Dragoon Guards
Butler William   31st Foot
Butler William   27th Foot
Butterworth Henry   32nd Foot, 2nd Battalion of Detachments
Butze Wilhelm   Brunswick Hussars
Buxton Isaac   24th Foot
Buxton James W. Royal Artillery
By John   Royal Engineers
Byam Edward   15th Light Dragoons
Byam William   38th Foot, 15th Light Dragoons
Byne George   84th Foot
Byne William E. Royal Artillery
Byng John (1st Earl of Strafford) General
Byrne Arthur   27th Foot
Byrne Forster   5th Dragoon Guards
Byrne Michael   1st Dragoons
Byrne Thomas   28th Foot
Byrne William   87th Foot
Byrom Ashton Johnson 4th Dragoons
Byrom Edmund   20th Foot
Byrtt William   20th Foot, 28th Foot


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