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Lionel S. Challis's "Peninsula Roll Call": A'Court, George to Aytoun, Roger

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Last Name First Name Middle Name (s) Regiment or Position
A’Court George Ashe 31st Foot, Greek Light Infantry
Abbott Blair   Deputy Purveyor
Abell Charles   83rd Foot
Abell Joseph   95th Foot, 49th Foot
Abercrombie Bateman   Royal Artillery Drivers
Abercromby Alexander   28th Foot
Abney Edward   52nd Foot
Acheson Edward   67th Foot
Ackland John   9th Foot
Ackland Robert James 79th Foot
Ackland (Acland) Wroth Palmer Coldstream Guards
Ackroyd George   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Acland Dudley   57th Foot
Acton Franz   6th KGL Line
Acton George   27th Foot
Acton  Henry   27th Foot
Acton John Phillips 60th Foot
Acton Thomas   4th Foot, 29th Foot
Adair James   102nd Foot, 27th Foot
Adair Robert   1st Foot Guards
Adair Thomas James 67th Foot
Adair Walker William 88th Foot
Adam Frederick   21st Foot
Adams Alexander   3rd Garrison Battalion, 12th Foot
Adams George Herbert? 66th Foot
Adams John   2nd Foot
Adams John   5th Foot
Adams Joseph Hollingsworth Commissary General
Adams Lucius Frederick Coldstream Guards
Adams Richard   24th Foot
Adams Thomas   38th Foot
Adams Thomas   53rd Foot
Adamson George   30th Foot
Adamson Peter   71st Foot
Addison Charles   26th Foot
Addison John   6th Foot
Ader Joseph   1st KGL Line, 2nd KGL Hussars
Adey Capel   52nd Foot
Adomeit Ferdinand   Brunswick Hussars
Adye Stephen Galway Royal Artillery
Agar Edward   47th Foot
Agar Francis   67th Foot
Agnew Matthew   52nd Foot
Agnew Thomas Ramsden 82nd Foot
Ahlers George   Brunswick Hussars
Aicken Francis   5th Dragoon Guards
Aimsworth Oliver D 51st Foot
Ainslie Charles Philip 4th Dragoons
Ainslie George   Commissary General
Aird David   28th Foot
Aird Thomas   Royal Waggon Train
Aire John   3rd Foot, 31st Foot
Airey Thomas   9th Foot, 4th West India Regiment
Aitchison John   3rd Foot Guards
Aitkin Edward   50th Foot
Aitkin William   Royal Waggon Train
Akenside William   14th Foot
Akers John Hacon? 29th Foot
Albemarle Earl of   1st Foot Guars
Albert Anton   1st KGL Light
Albert Hugh Lewis 58th Foot
Alcock Cornelius   61st Foot, 60th Foot
Alcock Henry   58th Foot
Alderson Christopher Richard 3rd Dragoons, 1st Dragoons
Aldrich Frederick   95th Foot
Alexander Claude   92nd Foot
Alexander Henry   28th Foot
Alexander William James 16th Light Dragoons
Algeo James   77th Foot
Algeo John Henry 34th Foot, 1st Caçadores
Allan George   23rd Foot
Allan Hugh   4th Dragoons
Allan James   94th Foot
Allan William   43rd Foot
Allardyce James   62nd Foot
Allen Edward   10th Foot
Allen James   23rd Light Dragoons
Allen James   58th Foot
Allen John   1st West India Regiment, 1st Foot
Allen John   10th Foot
Allen John   Royal Artillery Drivers
Allen Joshua   3rd Foot Guards
Allen Thomas   1st KGL Line
Allen Thomas   24th Foot
Allen Thomas Howther 18th Light Dragoons
Allen William (James)   11th Foot
Alley William Henry 4th Foot
Allison John   1st Foot
Allix Charles   1st Foot Guards
Allix William   95th Foot
Allman Francis   48th Foot
Allman John   48th Foot
Allot James   Chaplain
Allsop Henry   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Alment William   3rd Foot
Alpe Hamond   4th Dragoons
Alstone (Alston) James   1st Foot
Altenstein (von Stein) Henry   60th Foot
Alves John   74th Foot
Aly Carl August 7th KGL Line, 5th KGL Line
Aly Wilhelm   1st KGL Hussars, 2nd KGL Hussars
Ambrose Isaac    5th Dragoon Guards
Ambrose James   Royal Artillery 
Ambrose William   50th Foot
Amey Henry James 6th KGL Line 
Amiel John A 27th Foot
Amos John  Green 40th Foot
Amyatt Augustus   87th Foot
Anderdon (Anderson) Thomas Oliver 7th Foot
Anderson Aeneas   4th Royal Veteran Battalion
Anderson Alexander   45th Foot
Anderson Alexander   42nd Foot, 11th Portuguese Line
Anderson Andrew   79th Foot, 61st Foot
Anderson Charles   94th Foot
Anderson Francis   23rd Light Dragoons, 14th Light Dragoons
Anderson George   1st Foot
Anderson George   26th Foot
Anderson Henry   68th Foot
Anderson James   7th Foot
Anderson James   4th Foot, Deputy Inspector of Hospitals
Anderson James   71st Foot
Anderson John   42nd Foot, 28th Foot
Anderson John   1st Foot
Anderson John   38th Foot
Anderson Joseph   24th Foot
Anderson Matthew   91st Foot, 52nd Foot
Anderson Owen   74th Foot
Anderson Paul   60th Foot, Deputy Assistant Adjutant General
Anderson Robert   91st Foot
Anderson Thomas   3rd Foot
Anderson William   71st Foot
Anderson William   91st Foot
Andrewes Thomas   45th Foot, 60th Foot
Andrews Alexander   60th Foot
Andrews Alexander   95th Foot
Andrews Caesar   53rd Foot
Andrews Francis   45th Foot
Andrews Henry   4th Foot
Andrews Henry   12th Light Dragoons
Andrews Matthias   30th Foot
Andrews Thomas   6th Foot
Andrews Thomas   24th Foot
Andrews Thomas   35th Foot, 74th Foot
Angell Christopher R Hospital Assistant
Angelo Edward Anthony 21st Foot
Angrove John   43rd Foot
Annesley Henry   89th Foot
Annesley James   38th Foot
Annesley Marcus   61st Foot
Annesley William   3rd Foot
Ansaldo John   48th Foot
Ansell Francis   74th Foot
Ansley Benjamin   3rd Foot Guards
Anson George   16th Light Dragoons
Anson Sambrook   1st Foot Guards
Anson William   General
Anstice Digby L 53rd Foot
Anstruther Robert   3rd Foot Guards
Anstruther Robert   42nd Foot
Anstruther Windham   Coldstream Guards
Anthony Christian   6th KGL Line
Anthony James   40th Foot
Antrobus John Cuthbert 60th Foot
Anwyll Robert   4th Foot, Brigade Major
Apfel Carl Friederich 6th KGL Line
Aplin Andrew Snape 58th Foot, 89th Foot
Appelius Lewis Charles 18th Foot, 6th Garrison Battalion
Appleton John   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Appleton William   57th Foot, Royal African Corps
Appuhn Carl Ernst KGL Engineers
Appuhn Wilhelm   3rd KGL Line
Apreece John   Royal Artillery
Arabin Frederick   Royal Artillery
Arbuthnot Duncan   95th Foot
Arbuthnot Hugh   52nd Foot
Arbuthnot Robert   20th Light Dragoons, Portuguese Staff
Arbuthnot Thomas   5th West India Regiment, 57th Foot
Arbuthnot William   Royal Artillery
Archbold George   68th Foot
Archdall Hamilton   50th Foot
Archdall Henry   68th Foot
Archdall Richard   40th Foot
Archdeacon James   84th Foot
Archer Anthony   94th Foot
Archer Clement   16th Light Dragoons
Archer Holt   7th Foot
Archer John   48th Foot
Arden Henry   61st Foot
Arden Richard Pepper 15th Light Dragoons
Arentschildt Victor  von KGL Artillery, Portuguese Artillery
Argent Matthew   44th Foot
Arguimbeau Lawrence   1st Foot
Armbrecht Johann Friederich Ludewig 5th KGL Line
Armit John   27th Foot
Armstrong Abraham   13th Light Dragoons
Armstrong Andrew   1st Foot Guards
Armstrong Andrew   37th Foot
Armstrong Archibald   71st Foot
Armstrong Archibald L 26th Foot
Armstrong Edmond   18th Foot
Armstrong Francis   11th Foot, 7th Portuguese Line
Armstrong Francis Wheeler 48th Foot
Armstrong George   50th Foot
Armstrong Henry Bruere 14th Foot
Armstrong James   50th Foot, ADC
Armstrong John   40th Foot
Armstrong John   95th Foot
Armstrong John   58th Foot
Armstrong John   88th Foot
Armstrong John   7th Foot
Armstrong John   1st Foot
Armstrong John   37th Foot
Armstrong John Cooper Royal Artillery Drivers
Armstrong John W 14th Foot
Armstrong Martin   5th Foot
Armstrong Philip   4th Foot
Armstrong Richard   97th Foot, 7th Portuguese Line
Armstrong Robert   61st Foot
Armstrong Robert   50th Foot
Armstrong Samuel   5th Foot
Armstrong Swift   96th Foot
Armstrong William   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Armstrong William   19th Light Dragoons, ADC
Armstrong William   2nd KGL Dragoons
Armstrong William   7th Foot
Armytage Henry   Coldstream Guards
Arnaud John   11th Foot, 13th Portuguese Line
Arnold Edward John 15th Light Dragoons, 12th Light Dragoons
Arnold George Henry 1st Foot Guards
Arnold Robert   4th Foot, 16th Light Dragoons
Arnot Lawrence   56th Foot, 92nd Foot
Arnott Alexander   26th Foot
Arnott Archibald   20th Foot
Arscott John   3rd Dragoon Guards
Arthur James   88th Foot, Staff Surgeon
Arthur William   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Ashburnham John   Coldstream Guards
Ashe John Hoadley 48th Foot
Ashe Richard   71st Foot
Ashton John   3rd Foot Guards
Ashwood John   28th Foot
Ashworth Charles   62nd Foot, 6th Portuguese Line
Ashworth Frederick   58th Foot
Ashworth Robert   16th Light Dragoons, 1st Life Guards
Askew Henry   1st Foot Guards
Askey Thomas   51st Foot
Astier Henry   31st Foot
Atherton John   47th Foot
Atkin William   88th Foot
Atkin William   2nd KGL Light
Atkins James   61st Foot
Atkins Thomas   36th Foot, 73rd Foot
Atkins Thomas   45th Foot
Atkinson Abraham   74th Foot
Atkinson Agit   79th Foot
Atkinson John   50th Foot
Atkinson John   27th Foot, Royal York Rangers
Atkinson William Octavious 67th Foot
Auber (Aubier) Charles   5th Foot, 53rd Foot
Aubin Philip   57th Foot
Auchmuty Charles   7th Foot
Auchmuty Samuel Benjamin 7th Foot, Brigade Major
Auspurg Carl August 2nd KGL Light
Austen Edward Frederick 47th Foot
Austen Henry   59th Foot
Austen W H 77th Foot
Austin Edward   47th Foot
Austin Francis Frederick 76th Foot
Austin John   58th Foot
Austin Joseph   95th Foot
Austin William   52nd Foot
Avarne J J 1st Dragoons
Aveling John   77th Foot
Aylesford Heneage   9th Light Dragoons
Ayling John   40th Foot
Aylmer Charles   Deputy Commissary General
Aylmer Matthew   General
Aylmer Michael   24th Foot
Aylmer Richard   38th Foot
Aylmer Thomas Brabazon 9th Foot
Ayshford Aaron Moore 5th Foot, 12th Foot
Aytoun Roger   92nd Foot

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