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French Infantry Regiments and the Colonels who Led Them: 1791 to 1815

By Tony Broughton, FINS


1st - 10th Regiments

11th - 20th Regiments

21st - 30th Regiments

31st - 40th Regiments

41st - 50th Regiments

51st - 60th Regiments

61st - 70th Regiments

71st - 80th Regiments

81st - 90th Regiments

91st - 100th Regiments

101st - 110th Regiments

111th - 120th Regiments

121st - 130th Regiments

131st - 140th Regiments

141st - 150th Regiments

151st - 156th Regiments

For information on the officer casualties of these regiments see:

French Infantry Officer Casualties during the Napoleonic Wars


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