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The War of 1812 Magazine

Issue 26: December 2016


Edited by: Matthew MacVittie

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From the Editor


Pirates and Robbers: American Privateers on the St. Lawrence River: An Operational History by Gary M. Gibson

Which Theaters of War Experienced the Largest Number of Military Actions during the War of 1812? by Ralph Eshelman

War of 1812 Chronology compiled by Ralph Eshelman and Donald Hickey

A List of Anglo-American War of 1812 Land Battles, Actions, and Engagements; Naval and Maritime Actions and those Engagements involving Civilians, Native Peoples and Non-Combatants. Database compiled by Ralph Eshelman, Faye Kert, Sandy Antal, Jim Ellis, John Grodzinski, James Cusick, Donald Hickey, Donald Graves, Gene Allen Smith and Gary Gibson

Queenston Heights, October 1812: Two Canadian Eyewitnesses by Donald E. Graves

A Portrait of Lieutenant-Colonel Cecil Bisshopp by John R. Grodzinski

C. P. Stacey and Alternative History by Gary M. Gibson

From Steuben to Scott: The Adoption of French Infantry Tactics by the United States Army, 1807-1816 by Donald E. Graves


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