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The purpose of this section is to provide ready made answers to questions that students have asked the Napoleon Series.

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These answers have been written by several different people and reflect their opinions and points-of-view. Several of these individuals are well known in the field and have written books and articles on the period. The papers in the FAQ Section are short and cover the most important aspects of the topic. These papers are not designed to be complete and thorough essays. They were written to help the students focus their research topic and to give them starting points for continued research.

If you do not find the exact topic of your paper in the table of contents, look for a topic that is similar. For example if your topic is "What Contributions did Napoleon Give France" you might look at the papers on "Napoleon and Education" and "Was Napoleon an Heir to the Revolution?" Please do not send a message to the Series that asks a question that can be answered in part by one of the FAQs, but is worded differently. These questions will not be answered.

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The Code Napoleon
What was the Congress of Vienna?
Napoleon and Education
Why is Napoleon depicted with his hand in his coat?
What was the name of Napoleon's horse?
What Kind Of Leader Was Napoleon Bonaparte?
Who was Napoleon Bonaparte?
Did Marshal Ney Die in 1815 or Did He Escape to America?
Was Napoleon an Heir to the French Revolution?
Why did Napoleon Fail in Russia in 1812?
Did Napoleon's troops shoot the nse off the Sphinx?
How tall was Napoleon?

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