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The Napoleon Series Discussion Forum is the oldest forum about Napoleonic History on the Internet. It has been in existence since 1995! Certain standards of behavior have emerged, meant to ensure its smooth operation, particularly with the diverse array of international users who may not be using their primary language.

Chief among these customs is that each person uses his or her own name and email address when posting a message. This is to encourage open, honest discussion in which individuals remain accountable for their statements and their conduct. Anonymous postings are considered rude and are not permitted.

The Forum is a dialogue, a venue for the lively exchange of ideas, information, and opinion.  That means everyone has to at least respect each other's right to post.  Dialogue needs more than one side in order to thrive.  It must permit room for questions to be posed by newcomers and veterans alike, as well as for well-intentioned responses. Users can disagree without being disagreeable.   The Forum welcomes participants of all levels of interest and knowledge. Well-informed enthusiasts all had a starting place, and we hope the Forum may nurture new beginnings, as well as deepen the knowledge of the more advanced.

Acknowledging that participants come from a wide array of backgrounds, nations and cultures, please be sensitive to the sensibilities of others.  Although it may seem obvious to state it, please champion values of mutual respect and intellectual integrity while presuming them in others, however much such behavior may seem to be unreciprocated by someone else.  Disagreements may be robust, but descent into personal attacks upon other participants (including in regard to their opinions, level of knowledge, race, gender, religion, nationality, political beliefs, education, or personality) rarely lead to a constructive outcome, but rather are indications when a dialogue has reached its particular limits and merits termination.  Ideally, the Forum is self-policing, requiring tolerance of disagreeable opinion and restraint in the face of perceived behavior of others.  Assertions that are polite and well documented usually stand the test of time and are of the greatest value to all visitors. All questions posed courteously and in good faith are always welcome.

Not all postings require a response; sometimes ignoring a post is more effective than responding. If you wish to explore a contentious issue outside of these guidelines, doing so off-Forum, in a direct communication may be a better choice.  Equally, if you should wish to pursue a subject unrelated to the Napoleonic period, or delve into aspects of a theme you feel does not cater to general interest (although the range of interest in what each participant has to say may be surprising), then direct communication off-line may, again, be preferred.

The following are the few rules that govern our Forum. Strict observance is required.

1. Never make a personal attack; be respectful. Stay focused on the subject, not the participant. Insulting another poster is not permitted.
2. Do not use improper language (if you have to ask, assume it is).
3. Be tolerant of dissenting opinion. Everyone has the right to say their piece.
4. Do not advertise. Simple announcements will now be accepted. Authors may also feel free to refer to their own books, including how to obtain said books if necessary, but preferably in response to an inquiry in a thread.
5. To be able to use the forum you must set up a profile. Your profile MUST contain your real name and a valid e-mail address. You will be placed on a moderated status until the forum moderator has the opportunity to review your profile. If it follows the above rules, your profile will be taken off moderated status and you may post freely.
6. Avoid Copyright Violations: While welcome (even invited) to share information about sites offering relevant publications available for download, in your posts do not encourage, arrange, or otherwise facilitate file-sharing of copyright-protected materials from other than their legitimate sources (please see FAQ below). All works are protected by copyright until 70 years after the death of the author / creator of the object or if the author is not known, than the copyright is from 95 years from date of publication.

Please ensure that you do not violate the following:

-- Images (e.g. pictures and maps):  you can only post an image if it is out of copyright or with permission of the copyright holder (which you must indicate in the post). Google has authorized the Napoleon Series to post up to two images from any “Google Book”. Serial posting is not permitted.*

-- Embedding a non-text image (picture) from another website:  you may not, unless you have permission of the website owner legally authorized to give it (which you must state in your post). 

-- Text of Books out of Copyright: 

--- Transcription: unlimited, but please keep it appropriate to a manageable posting.

--- Your own scan: unlimited, but please don’t exceed about five in any one posting.

--- Google has authorized the Napoleon Series to post up to two images from any “Google Book”. Serial posting is not permitted.*

-- Text that is still protected by copyright:  your post must meet "fair use" criteria. This includes text copied from other websites.  As administrative guidance for the Napoleon Series Discussion Forum, "fair use" limit for any single post may be considered as follows:

--- Transcription from books: 500 words that you type out or paste into your post.*

--- Transcriptions from articles in journals, magazines, or anthologies in which chapters have separate authors: 250 words that you type  out or paste into your post.*

--- Scans – no scans from a book of less than 100 pages, and no more than one scan (1 page) from a larger work.* 

* Serial posting to exceed the limit not permitted.

The posting individual bears responsibility for verifying the copyright status of text and/or scan, conforming to the proportional limitations, and must provide attribution to the scan’s and/or text’s copyright holder.

With regard to text pasted/copied from another website, the absolute limit is 500 words, though the poster should bear “fair use” and proportionality in mind, applying a lower the limit from small sites. Again, serial posting* to exceed the limit not permitted. The posting individual bears responsibility for verifying the copyright status of text and/or scan, for conforming to the appropriate limitations, and must provide attribution to the copyright holder of the text and/or scan (e.g., author and title, website url, etc.).

The Napoleon Series will remove posts that, in its judgment, appear to constitute "serial posting" (material from the same source, posted across a sequence of messages, developing the same line of inquiry) in a way that may create a risk of exceeding "fair use" of any copyrighted material. The Napoleon Series also reserves the right to remove postings that, in its judgment, may infringe copyright. Ultimately, the each participant is primarily responsible for adequately evaluating copyright limitations and applying the “fair use” guidelines when posting

7. All postings belong to the Napoleon Series. You may not remove a posting without permission of the forum moderator.

Some individuals feel that they have a right to say whatever they want on the forum. They do not. Should an individual violate these rules he will be banned from posting on the forum for one month. If the individual violates these rules a second time in one year, he will be banned from posting on the forum for a year. If there a third violation, the individual will be permanently banned from posting on the Forum.

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Students: Though the Napoleon Series will not necessarily do all your research for you, we encourage students post questions on the Forum. Please check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), articles, Statistical Abstract and other sections of the Napoleon Series before posing your questions.


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