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The Future of the Napoleon Series
The Future of the Napoleon Series History Forum

15 January 2020

Richard Tennant continues his study of 18th and 19th Century mapmaking in: Maps and Mapmakers of the Napoleonic Wars

The Casssini and Maradilis Dynasties
Germanic Measurements
Austrian Cartography and Cartographers
Dutch Cartography and Geography
Russian Caetography

5th book in The Germans under the French Eagles: Volume VI Our Allies the Bavarians

Chapter Five: the Campaign of 1812 Part I

We finish with the uploading of the British Foot Guards Regimental Returns in British Army Regimental Returns: 1st Foot Guards 1815

1st Foot Guards December 1815

We update British Memoirs of the Napoleonic Wars:

The Artillery
The Infantry
The King's German Legion

We close with a pair of reviews:

Battle for Paris 1815: The Untold Story of the Fighting After Waterloo
The Waterloo Archive Vol. VIII: German and Netherlands Sources